Discover 5 more talks and speakers at SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition

We are pleased to announce 5 more talks and speakers for SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition. The international online Symfony conference organized in English on June 16-17 2022 is coming next month! We’ve already announced the first selected talks and speakers of the conference, check out the talks already scheduled at the conference!

Today, we have the pleasure to announce the following speakers and talks selected at SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition:

Anna Filina, web developer, will speak about „Writing Testable Symfony Apps“.
Do you struggle as soon as you want to test a controller or a repository? Do you feel like it’s sometimes impossible to write unit tests for a Symfony application? In this talk, I will show you design patterns that will not only make testing your Symfony applications trivial, but will also make your code a pleasure to work with.
Nicolas Grekas, Symfony Core Team member, will present „What’s new in Symfony 6.1?“.
We’re mid-June, Symfony 6.1 has just been released exactly as planned!
How about joining me for a retrospective of the last 12 months of contributions? Together we will review the main changes made in the ecosystem during this period, without forgetting to introduce you to the new features of the newest version.
You might discover tools you didn’t know existed that could make your life easier.
Oliver Kossin, Symfony developer, will talk about „SULU – An introduction to a Symfony enterprise CMS“.
„An introduction to the world’s finest Symfony enterprise CMS“. If there is one thing that the market surely doesn’t need anymore, it would be yet another CMS. So why give a new, young CMS a chance? First of all, Sulu is not a classic content management system. It is not exclusively about placing content and presenting it. It is and can do much more. Sulu tries to bridge the gap between classic or rather complex Symfony applications and content management systems, without making concessions in one direction or the other. How can this work? Where would Sulu be a good choice and where possibly a rather bad choice? Why is Sulu worth a look especially for experienced Symfony developers ?
Jérôme Tamarelle, Lead Developer, will tell you what you need to know to „(Re)discover the Symfony Console“.
The most popular Symfony component is the foundation for most PHP developer tools : from Composer to PHPunit, Doctrine migrations, Psalm and Flex … and your CLI applications. For more that 10 years, it is the most reliable way to create commands with arguments and options in PHP. In every version, the package evolved to offers much more than that. In this talk, you will (re)discover some of the most prominent features and some niche one, that could give make you a happier developer.
Titouan Galopin, Symfony Core Team member, will give a talk about „Symfony and open source at the service of society“.
On Thursday March 12, 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the closure of schools from the following Monday.
In 3 days, a national logistics race was then organized to give the ability to front-line personnel (health workers but also cashiers, waste collectors, energy workers, etc.) to continue working while their children were at home.
It is in this context that some friends and I created, a local, free and open-source mutual help platform based on Symfony. This experience showed us the power of open-source and Symfony to help society.
In this talk, we’ll discuss how Symfony was instrumental in this project and how you too can use your technology skills to improve the world around you.

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You can also attend our pre-conference workshops organized online and in English on June 14-15 2022. Find out the workshop you need to get trained on Symfony latest features!

More speakers and talks will be announced next week! Stay tuned and see you online next month for the Summer Edition of the international online Symfony conference!

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