First selected speakers announced at SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition

The SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition conference is coming soon! Join us in 2 months for the international Symfony conference organized online in English!

Here is the event agenda:
* June 14-15: online workshop days, check out the workshop topics!
* June 16-17: online conference days

We’re very pleased to announce the first selected speakers and the talks they will present at the online conference:

K√©vin Dunglas, creator of API Platform and Symfony Core Team member, will speak about „Developing a decentralized web application with Symfony and API Platform“.
No, this presentation is not about web3. And for good reasons! There is a more open, more interoperable, simpler, more ecological, and even more… decentralized (!!) way to build decentralized web applications. Web standards, and in particular those of the latest generation (RDF, JSON-LD, N3, OpenID Connect) provide a framework for building such apps. It is on this technical basis that two new protocols that could revolutionize the web are established: Solid and ActivityPub. Even better, no need for smart contracts or even blockchain to create decentralized web applications using these technologies, a good old PHP script and a Raspberry Pi are enough. That said, using Symfony and API Platform can greatly facilitate the task, that’s what we will discover together!
Denis Brumann, Solutions Architect, will talk about „API-Platform and Symfony’s Kernel Events: An in depth look“.
API Platform makes setting up an API a breeze. Create an entity, expose it as a resource and you are pretty much done, but what if you need to customize something? API-Platform relies heavily on Symfony’s event cycle to provide most of its features and knowing which event is responsible for what and how to hook into it, is crucial when you want to customize parts of API-platform. In this talk, we will go through Symfony’s kernel events and then look at how api-platform uses them. I will discuss the most relevant event listeners provided by api-platform and we will look what they do. This will not only help you when you need to debug issues in api-platform, it also helps you make better use of the extension points provided by api-platform or when and how to add your own.
William Pinaud, PHP Architect, will present „The Single-Page Application Dilemma“.
In the light of a beam of new concepts, paradigms, technological changes, user behaviour changes and social metamorphoses, the way we build lightweight applications like web applications changed. At the crossroads of a tenth of factors, some trends appeared. JavaScript everywhere, frontend frameworks, new web architectures, concepts, ideas, constraints, offline mode, etc. Among all those, single-page applications began to rise since they were first patented in 2003 and became very very popular… So do we think. What are they? Why do we sell those? Are they really needed? What’s behind all that hysterization? Who’s in charge? Will you be able to maintain them? At what cost? Well. You might be quite surprised about the answers. From transversal design to server-side rendering, from web components to Hotwire, from AJAX to service workers, from business biases to CV-driven development, from Stimulus and Turbo to Symfony UX, from jQuery to SvelteKit, we’re going in for a little trip, so that we finally sit down altogether and take some time to talk about that elephant in the room (which, for once, is NOT PHP’s).
Laurent VOULLEMIER, Technical Expert, will speak about „An SSO with Keycloak and Symfony“.
The SSO (single sign-on) are increasingly used in the information systems. From Saas products to company internal softwares, they are a common way to connect securely to several applications with the same identifiers. In this talk, we are going to talk about Keycloak, an IAM (Identity and Access Management) with many features. Keycloak allows for instance to connect with Facebook or other social networks identifiers, to take advantage of 2FA, to have password renewal strategies… And so on ! After a short presentation of the tool, we’ll see how to plug it into a Symfony application, using a custom authenticator.

More talks and speakers will be announced soon! Find out more about the first speakers and talks selected!

Book your ticket for the online event: either for the workshops or the conference or both with our combo ticket workshops and conference.

See you online in 2 months!

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