First selected speakers at SymfonyWorld 2021 Online 2021 Winter Conference

The SymfonyWorld Online 2021 Winter Edition conference (December 9-10, 2021)
will take place a few days after the release of Symfony 6. That’s why it’s a
great opportunity to learn all about the latest Symfony 6 features.

Today we’re announcing the first eight talks of the conference.

Everything about Symfony 6

Symfony 6 is the culmination of 2 years of hard work by the community. With PHP
8.0 as the minimum supported version, Symfony 6 is also an opportunity to
embrace new language features.

Nicolas Grekas will do a
retrospective and will show you the main new features of Symfony 6.
More details.

Decoupling your application using Symfony Messenger and events

Web applications get more complex over time. Start hiring people, and all of a
sudden the code does not talk in the same business language. It becomes harder
to change.

Hugo Monteiro will show you
how to tackle these problems thanks to Symfony Messenger and strategies such as
domain events.
More details.

Let’s play a game with Blackfire Player

How to improve performance testing of your application? The best way is to
include performance test into your CI pipeline!

Marcin Czarnecki will show you
how to integrate Blackfire Player with Docker and Continuous Integration pipelines
based on the examples from GOG Store.
More details.

Using the SecurityBundle in Symfony 6

During the past two years, a lot of things have changed in Symfony Security.
While the main concepts are the same, features have been changed, removed or

Wouter de Jong will share his
own „best practices“ using all the new security functionality in Symfony 6.
More details.

Tools for upgrading Symfony Applications

Web agencies build dozens of applications that are in operation for a long time.
Ultimately those apps generate a lot of legacy code, which grows with every new
Symfony and PHP versions.

Malte Wunsch will show you
his 2021 toolbox for upgrading Symfony applications, including semi-automatic
upgrades for minor and major Symfony versions.
More details.

Static code analysis: how I learned to love the tool

Alexander M. Turek and his
team recently took over a legacy codebase, with zero tests and a full bug tracker.
As an experiment, they introduced a static code analysis tool.

In this talk you’ll learn what a static code analyzer can do for you. What issues
deserve to be fixed? How can I help the tool understand my code?
More details.

Working with Twig in Symfony „Tips and tricks“

Twig is an incredibly powerful and useful template engine. In this talk, you’ll
learn good practices (for SEO, performance, etc.), how to extend Twig and smart
tricks you probably never thought about.

William Pinaud will unleash Twig
features using real life examples, through OROCommerce, Sylius, Drupal, Symfony UX, etc.
More details.


In addition to the above talks, Fabien Potencier
will deliver the opening keynote. The contents have not been unveiled yet, but
the title give us a clue: „Removing SPoFs“ (SPoF = single point of failure).
More details.

In the coming weeks we’ll announce more exciting talks to complete the rest of
the schedule. Recently we also announced the workshops of the conference,
which give you an online hands-on learning experience.

Visit the SymfonyWorld Online 2021 Winter Edition website and
buy tickets for the conference.

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