Get rid of your project critical problems when migrating to Symfony 6 with SymfonyInsight

SymfonyInsight, the most advanced analysis tool for Symfony projects has been created by the team behind Symfony. We put all of our expertise in building the best tool to detect potential issues with high accuracy and send detailed explanations.

You are about to migrate to Symfony 6? It’s time for you to check your project code and stack all the odds in your favor, enjoy a smooth migration using SymfonyInsight. Every time your team writes code, SymfonyInsight starts a new analysis. SymfonyInsight fetches your code and analyzes it in a dedicated container. You and your team are notified of the analysis result as soon as it is available. You can then deploy the new code safely in production.

Our state-of-the-art dynamic analysis engine goes one step further and boots your applications to learn much more about how they work. Monitoring your projects evolution is difficult and time consuming. We designed SymfonyInsight to do it for you and warn you only when necessary. We stay on guard so you don’t have to.

Save your teams and projects before they sink! SymfonyInsight helps teams of all sizes to be safe against critical risks to their projects and businesses. With SymfonyInsight, prevent any critical risk about:

Detect security vulnerabilities before they reach production.
Prevent GDPR complaints and Intellectual Property lawsuits.
Avoid data leaks and ensure data integrity.
Avoid downtimes and major bugs in production.
Avoid slow productivity and negative growth.
Ensure technical issues do not have negative repercussions on your brand.

Migrate today to Symfony 6, we got your back with SymfonyInsight: we will send you a full analysis of your current risks so you don’t have to start all over again your migration. We offer 2 different plans: individual or team plans. You can either subscribe monthly or yearly.

Get started today, subscribe to SymfonyInsight. Migrate to Symfony 6 without any risk of a critical issue that can ruin your project.

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