Get started with Symfony 6

How can you get started with Symfony 6? What are the best resources to learn Symfony?
How can I learn about the latest best practices? That are legitimate questions I get from the community.

There are a lot of resources on the Internet about Symfony, including the official documentation. Still, today I want to point out two excellent resources if you’re going to learn Symfony as a beginner or if you want to refresh your memory about the latest recommended ways of developing a Symfony project.

If you like reading books, you might be interested in the official Symfony Book, which teaches you how to build a Symfony website from scratch. The book covers many common topics to implement in most „modern“ websites and applications. As a bonus, the book is also available in several other languages.

If you prefer to watch a good movie or a series, then watch the Symfony 6 screencast, which covers fewer topics than the book, but explains the basics with more details. The screencast is also funnier, and as a bonus, you will be able to enjoy Ryan briefly singing during the introduction video. I must admit that I just wanted to watch the first episode, but in the end, I’ve continued until the very last one that was available.

If you have time, I recommend you watch the videos and then read the book. From getting started to best practices and deployment in the cloud, all major web development topics, these resources cover them all.

Best of all? Both resources are free and written/recorded by Symfony core team members.


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