Introducing the Twig 3 Certification

Twig is the fast, flexible, and secure template language for PHP. Twig syntax
has been designed to be concise and easy to learn. This allows Twig to be used
by all kinds of professionals, including designers, to build web sites.

Today, we’re introducing the new Twig 3 certification exam for both
designers and developers. This exam is similar to the existing Twig
certification exam (still in English, same exam topics, same number of questions, etc.). However,
we’ve updated some questions, added new ones and removed some questions that
were unnecesarily difficult. No trick questions, the entire exam has been redesigned making sure
all questions will be easy to understand and easy to answer to.

This is how the Twig certification exam works:

You can take the exam up to one year after purchasing a certification voucher;
The exam is taken online, from the comfort of your home or office;
Some basic rules are enforced during the exam to avoid cheating;
The exam lasts 60 minutes and includes 45 questions divided into 8 topics;
Question types are: single choice, multiple choice and true/false (there are
no open ended questions and you don’t need to write code samples).

If you ever took a Twig certification, either passed or failed it,
you’ll soon receive an email with a special discount code of 50% to take the
new Twig 3 certification exam. Check your inbox, buy the discounted certification
and become a Twig 3 certified developer/designer!

For full details about the certification program, please visit and purchase your voucher today to become one of
the first Twig 3 Certified developers/designers!

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