More speakers and talks announced at SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition

We recently announced the first selected speakers and talks at SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition conference. Read our previous blog post to discover who are the first speakers scheduled and the talks they will share with the Symfony community..

Today, we’re very pleased to announce more speakers and talks of the upcoming international online conference:

Mathias Arlaud, Developer, will talk about „API Platform, third act..
At Les Tilleuls, we love working on and with API Platform, a widely used library to create hypermedia-driven REST APIs. If you ever used API Platform, you probably used it in its second major version, which stayed upstream for six years. But not for much longer, as API Platform 3 will come out really soon! API Platform 3 comes with plenty of new exciting features such as a brand new resource metadata system, a revisited subresource mechanism, a new way to provide/process states, etc… During this talk, we’ll walk over these new features, and see how they change the way we use API Platform, what we can do with them, and how to use them properly.
Jan Schädlich, Lead Developer PHP/Symfony, will present „Demystifying Bundles“.
Using bundles is not recommended anymore since Symfony 4. But they are still an important building block within Symfony’s eco-system. In this talk I want to show you how bundles work, what they can and should be used for and how you can utilize them in your application.
Alexandre Daubois, Symfony developer, will speak about „Little-known Symfony components that are worth a look“.
More than a framework, Symfony is an ecosystem. Symfony components are standalone libraries that can be used in any PHP project. They offer solutions to problems we are likely to encounter daily as PHP developers. String handling with Unicode, concurrency, internationalization or rate-limiting are, among others, all challenges that Symfony components can solve with turnkey solutions. And all this while taking advantage of the robustness of an open-source code and the famous backward compatibility promise. Although some components are well known and recognized, there are at least as many that could save you long hours of development if you knew they existed. This is what we will explore together.
Łukasz Chruściel, Sylius Core Team Lead, will talk about „How to optimize background processes – when Sylius meets Blackfire“.
With the recent Sylius release v1.11, we’ve introduced a brand new feature – catalog promotions. As this feature may require processing a significant amount of data(the whole product catalog), we had to decide on async processing by default. But it does not mean that we can waste resources and not optimize the processing algorithm! We had to improve it and to do that we’ve been using Blackfire. During my presentation, I will bring you on the journey we’ve done to make catalog processing better from a performance point of view and beyond. The presentation will be based on real examples from Sylius. Nonetheless, its takeovers may be helpful in any Symfony app.

Join us from June 14 to 17 for the international Symfony event organized online in English:

June 14-15: online workshop days, check out the workshop topics!
June 16-17: online conference days

More talks and speakers will be announced soon! Check out the speakers and talks already selected for the online conference!

Book your ticket for the online event: either for the workshops or the conference or both with our combo ticket workshops and conference.

See you online in June!

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