New in Symfony 5.4: Notifier integrations

The Notifier component was introduced in Symfony 5.2 as the best way to send
notifications via one or more channels (email, SMS, chats, etc.) The component
is already integrated with dozens of services, but in Symfony 5.4 we’ve added
many more integrations:

SMS services

added by André Matthies in
PR 43134
added by Valentin Nazarov in
PR 42180
Mailjet SMS
added by Jérôme Nadaud in
PR 41705
Telnyx SMS and MMS
added by Vasilij Duško in
PR 41172
MessageMedia SMS
added by Adrian Nguyen in
PR 41375
added by Mathieu Santostefano in
PR 42239
Amazon SNS
added by Adrien Chinour in
PR 39141
added by Artem Henvald in
PR 41522

Push notifications services

Expo Notification
added by Imad Zairig in
PR 42414

If you are a company behind one of these services, you can now
sponsor your own Symfony bridge. Stand out from your competition, elevate your
brand recognition and help the Open Source Symfony project.

Sponsor the Symfony project.

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