New in Symfony 6.1: Improved ExpressionLanguage Syntax

The ExpressionLanguage component provides an engine that can compile and
evaluate expressions. The main purpose of this component is to use expressions
inside configuration for more complex logic. Its other purpose is to use it to
build business rule engines.

In Symfony 6.1 we’re improving the already rich ExpressionLanguage syntax
with more features.

New Syntax Options for Numbers

Contributed by
Thomas Calvet

in #44073.

In order to better align with the expressions supported in modern PHP code, you
can now define numbers using the following syntax:

# you can remove the leading zero of decimal numbers (in previous versions you had to use 0.99)
$expressionLanguage->evaluate(‚product.price <= .99‘, [‚…‘ => ‚…‘])

# all numbers support optional underscores as separators to improve readability
# (underscores are removed before evaluating the expressions)
$expressionLanguage->evaluate(‚product.stock > 1_000_000‘, [‚…‘ => ‚…‘])
$expressionLanguage->evaluate(‚2 * 3.14159_26535 * radius‘, [‚…‘ => ‚…‘])

New Operators

Contributed by
Fabien Potencier
and Sofien Naas

in #45912, #45795.

First, we’ve added a new ?. operator which is equivalent to the PHP
null-safe operator. It prevents errors when trying to access a property or
method of an object that is null:

// this will throw an exception when `fruit` is `null`
$expressionLanguage->evaluate(‚fruit.color‘, [‚fruit‘ => ‚…‘])

// this will return `null` if `fruit` is `null`
$expressionLanguage->evaluate(‚fruit?.color‘, [‚fruit‘ => ‚…‘])

In addition to the null-safe operator, we’ve added three new operators (contains,
starts with and ends with) that allow to create very readable expressions:

$expressionLanguage->evaluate(‚coupon.code stars with „XXX“‚, [‚…‘ => ‚…‘])
$expressionLanguage->evaluate(‚imported_file.path ends with „.csv“‚, [‚…‘ => ‚…‘])
$expressionLanguage->evaluate(‚url contains „“‚, [‚…‘ => ‚…‘])

These operators were already available in Twig templates, making ExpressionLanguage
component more in sync with Twig.

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