New in Symfony 6.1: Improved Routing Requirements and UTF-8 Parameters

Using PHP BackedEnum as Route Requirements

Contributed by
Thomas Calvet

in #45803.

In PHP, backed enumerations are enumerations where all its elements are backed
by some scalar value. This makes them useful to restrict the possible values of
some routing parameter. In previous Symfony versions, you had to create the
requirements manually using public constants:

#[Route(‚/foo/{bar}‘, requirements: [‚bar‘ => SomeEnum::AAA.’|‘.SomeEnum::BBB])]

In Symfony 6.1, we’re improving the Routing component to fully support
BackedEnum objects as follows:

use SymfonyComponentRoutingRequirementEnumRequirement;

// ‚bar‘ parameter allows all values defined in the Enum
#[Route(‚/foo/{bar}‘, requirements: [‚bar‘ => new EnumRequirement(SomeEnum::class)])]

// ‚bar‘ parameter only allows certain values of those defined in the Enum
#[Route(‚/foo/{bar}‘, requirements: [‚bar‘ => new EnumRequirement(SomeEnum::class, SomeEnum::Aaa, SomeEnum::Bbb)])]

A Collection of Common Routing Requirements

Contributed by
Thomas Calvet

in #45528.

When defining routes, there are some requirements that repeat on many projects.
For example, restricting some value to be an integer, or a date or a valid UUID
pattern. In Symfony 6.1 we’re introducing a Requirement enumeration to
define all those common routing requirements so you can use them in your projects:

use SymfonyComponentRoutingRequirementRequirement;

#[Route(‚/users/{id}‘, requirements: [‚id‘ => Requirement::UUID_V4])]

#[Route(‚/posts/{date}/{slug}‘, requirements: [
‚date‘ => Requirement::DATE_YMD,
’slug‘ => Requirement::ASCII_SLUG,

// ‚CATCH_ALL‘ is equivalent to ‚.+‘ (accepts all characters, including ‚/‘)
#[Route(‚/category/{name}‘, requirements: [’name‘ => Requirement::CATCH_ALL])]

UTF-8 Parameter Names

Contributed by
Nicolas Grekas

in #45054.

In PHP, variable identifiers can contain UTF-8 characters (e.g. $iñtërnâtiónàlizætiøn = ‚…‘)
However, parameters in Symfony routes could only include ASCII characters.
In Symfony 6.1 we’re improving the Routing component to allow using UTF-8
characters in all route parameters:

use SymfonyComponentRoutingAnnotationRoute;

#[Route(‚/blog/{föo}/{bár}‘, name: ‚…‘)]
public function someControllerMethod(string $föo, string $bár)
// …

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