New in Symfony 6.1: Profiler Improvements (part 1)

In Symfony 6.1 we’ve added lots of new features to the Symfony Profiler. We
already highlighted the new Serializer profiler panel in a previous blog post.
In this two-part series we’re going to highlight the other new profiler features.

Checking if Profiler is Enabled

Contributed by

in #45265.

The Symfony Profiler can be disabled entirely or programmatically to adapt it to
your needs. If it’s disabled, you might still have services that collect information
for it, even if that information will be later discarded.

That’s why in Symfony 6.1 we’ve added a new isEnabled() method to the main
profiler object. Use that method to check if you should collect information or
if you should instead skip that collection to improve performance.

Displaying Inherited Security Roles

Contributed by
Jonathan Scheiber

in #44284.

Symfony security allows you to define hierarchical roles. That’s why users
in your application usually have more roles than the ones granted explicitly to
them. In Symfony 6.1 we’re improving the debug toolbar to display inherited roles
in addition to the regular roles:

Better Email Debugging

Contributed by
Thomas Lallement

in #45765.

In dev environment it’s common to send all emails to the same address,
regardless of their original address, to ease their debugging. In Symfony 6.1 we’ve
improved the profiler to display both the to email address and the recipient,
if it exists (it’s taken from the envelope of the message):

Contributed by
Daniël Brekelmans

in #44917.

If some email message includes file attachments, the profiler lists the name of
those files. In Symfony 6.1 we’ve improved this feature so you can also
download the file attachments. This will help you debug many issues related
to the generation of those files.

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