New in Symfony 6.2: Profiler Redesign

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The Symfony Profiler is a powerful development tool that gives detailed
debugging information about the execution of any request. It’s also one of the
key features that make Symfony developer experience outstanding.

In Symfony 6.2 we’ve redesigned the profiler. It still contains all the
features that you know and love but now they show a fresh coat of paint. The main
goals of the new design are:

Make it look more modern;
Improve accessibility (e.g. add more contrast in some places);
Make the design more efficient (e.g. rearranging some elements).

Here’s a quick comparison between the old and the new design (in light mode):

The new design maintains most of the elements of the previous design, but it
makes some changes and rearrangements in certain elements. For example, now it’s
easier to spot if a request originated from a redirect:

Status codes of error responses are easier to spot too:

We’ve also took this opportunity to update the icons used in the profiler. The
new icons come from the open source Tabler icons project created by PaweĊ‚ Kuna:

In addition to redesigning elements, we decided to update certain profiler panels
to present information in a way that it’s easier to debug it. One of the most
clear examples is the mailer panel:

Besides the profiler panels, we’ve redesigned other features such as the
redirect interceptor, the file source code viewer and the debug toolbar.
The toolbar redesign summarizes this initiative well: it keeps everything the
same, but now it looks more clean and modern:

We could keep showing you many details about the new design, but we prefer that
you experience it yourself. Upgrade your projects to Symfony 6.2 and tell us
what you think about it.

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