New in Symfony 6.3: Notifier Integrations

The Notifier component provides tens of ready-to-use integrations with
third-party services. From the most popular services (Slack, Telegram, Google
Chat, Amazon, etc.) to the smallest niche services, Symfony Notifier has you
covered for all your notification needs.

In Symfony 6.3 we’ve introduced lots of new integrations:

Twitter integration added by
Nicolas Grekas
in PR #48084
Mastodon integration added by
Quentin Dequippe
in PR #48101
Bandwidth integration added by
in PR #48389
Plivo integration added by
in PR #48394
RingCentral integration added by
in PR #48397
Termii integration added by
in PR #48398
iSendPro integration added by
Simon Leblanc
in PR #48399
LINE integration added by
in PR #48466
SimpleTextin integration added by
in PR #48495
PagerDuty integration added by
Joseph Bielawski
in PR #48855
Pushover integration added by
Charly Goblet
in PR #49454

In addition, we’ve improved many existing integrations with new configuration options:

Improved Slack integration to allow updating messages (contributed by
Maxim Dovydenok
in PR #47349)
Added support to answer callback queries in Telegram integration (contributed by
Alex Plekhanov
in PR #48374)
Added options to SmsMessage (contributed by
in PR #48503)
Make the „from“ optional in Smsapi integration (contributed by
Kamil Szalewski
in PR #49261)
Added options to the Telegram Bridge (contributed by
Nicolas Bondoux
in PR #49986)

In case you missed it, you or your company can sponsor Symfony components and
you can also sponsor Symfony third-party integrations.

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