New in Symfony 6.3: Password Strength Constraint

Contributed by
Florent Morselli

in #49789.

Passwords are an essential feature of many web applications. Symfony provides
many tools to hash, migrate and handle passwords according to the most
secure recommended practices. In 2019 we even introduced a constraint to
check that a given password is not compromised because of a security leak.

In Symfony 6.3 we’re introducing a new constraint to validate the strength of
the given passwords
. Technically, it works like many other similar public libraries,
checking if the entropy of the given password reaches a certain threshold.

By default, the password is required to have a medium strength, but there are
four levels to configure:

// src/Entity/User.php
namespace AppEntity;

use SymfonyComponentValidatorConstraints as Assert;

class User
// …

protected $rawPassword;

#[AssertPasswordStrength(‚minScore‘ => PasswordStrength::STRENGTH_VERY_STRONG)]
protected $rawAdminPassword;

That’s all. Using this constraint in your applications is simple for you,
but can be helpful for your users and customers. Consider adding it whenever
you use passwords.

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