New in Symfony 6.3: WebProfiler Improvements

Contributed by
Javier Eguiluz

in #48762,
and #48945.

In Symfony 6.3, we’ve improved the Symfony profiler in different ways. First,
we’ve made an important change that will be invisible for most of you: all links
and tabs are now accessible.

Instead of using a custom-made CSS + JS solution, we now better HTML elements
and smarter JavaScript code to build and manage the tabs. We followed the
recommendations of the W3C best-practices for accessible tabs.

Another minor but useful change is that all date/times are now presented in your
local timezone. The conversion is automatically made via JavaScript when loading
any profiler page.

The profiler pages now also use a SVG icon instead of a PNG file. First, this
makes the icon look much sharper in all resolutions. Second, this SVG favicon is
now dynamic: its color changes depending on the status of the profiled page
(black icon for success pages, yellow for redirections and red for errors).

This screenshot shows the original icon (leftmost) and the three new icon colors
as rendered by Firefox browser:

Contributed by
Phil E. Taylor

in #49887.

Another nice improvement of Symfony 6.3 profiler is located in the Twig panel.
If the application rendered a template while serving the request, you’ll now
see the „entry view“ (the main rendered template) as a clickable link so you can
quickly jump into it in your IDE or text editor:

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