New in Symfony 6.4: More Testing Assertions

Symfony provides custom assertions to simplify your tests. They are optional,
but we recommend to use them to make your tests easier to maintain. For example:

// with default PHPUnit assertions
‚This is not a valid coupon code.‘,

// with custom Symfony assertions
$this->assertSelectorTextContains(‚#errorMessages‘, ‚This is not a valid coupon code.‘);

In Symfony 6.4 we’re introducing new custom assertions.

Any Selector Assertions

Contributed by
Samaƫl Villette

in #50306.

Consider the following HTML code:

<li>test 1</li>
<li>test 2</li>
<li>test 3</li>

If you need to test that any of the <li> items contains the text test 3,
you need to loop over all <li> elements or extract all their contents:

$nodes = $crawler->filter(‚ul li‘)->each(fn(Crawler $node) => $node->text());
$this->assertContains(‚test3‘, $nodes);

In Symfony 6.4, you can use the new assertions:

$this->assertAnySelectorTextSame(‚ul li‘, ‚test 3‘);
$this->assertAnySelectorTextContains(‚ul li‘, ‚test‘);

HttpClient Assertions

Contributed by
Mathieu Santostefano

in #50662.

Symfony 6.4 also adds a few assertions to ensure that certain HTTP calls were
triggered (via the HttpClient component) during the application execution:

// method arguments: (string) URL, (string) method, (string|array) body, (array) $headers, (string) http_client ID
$this->assertHttpClientRequest(‚‘, ‚GET‘);
$this->assertHttpClientRequest(‚‘, ‚POST‘, [‚foo‘ => ‚bar‘]);

// method arguments: (string) URL, (string) method, (string) http_client ID

// method arguments: (int) count, (string) http_client ID

Email Subject Assertions

Contributed by
Johan Vlaar

in #50200.

Symfony alredy provides many assertions related to the mailer, such as
assertEmailCount(), assertEmailTextBodyContains(), assertEmailHasHeader(), etc.
In Symfony 6.4 we’re adding two new assertions related to the email subjects:

$this->assertEmailSubjectContains($email, ‚Your order was processed successfully‘);
$this->assertEmailSubjectNotContains($email, ‚Your order is pending‘);

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