Our ephemeral online shop closes at the end of the month!

We created the Symfony ephemeral online shop in June 2020 during the pandemic to allow everyone from anywhere in the world to buy Symfony’s swags and support the community.

We want to thank all of you for your enthusiasm with this shop; it was an absolute pleasure to send elephpants and other swags to people all over the world.

However, it is now time to announce that we will close the Symfony online shop at the end of the month.

Until then, we have decided to extend our Summer sale until June 30th!

Get 30% off on all items mentioned below :

All big Symfony elePHPants: Regular big elePHPant and Collector 15 years of Symfony big elePHPant: Buy your big Symfony elePHPant, get it at 87,5€ (VAT excl.) instead of 125€ (VAT excl.)!

All Symfony t-shirts: Regular Black Symfony t-shirt and Collector „I ? Sf“ t-shirt: Buy your Symfony t-shirt, get it at 10,5€ (VAT excl.) instead of 15€ (VAT excl.)!

Symfony 15th-anniversary sweater: Made with 71% organic cotton, unisex, suitable for all body types, enjoy its blue fog color this summer! Get it at 31,5€ (VAT excl.) instead of 45€ (VAT excl.)!

Symfony bomber: This old-fashioned bomber will keep you warm during the fresh summer nights! Get it at 70€ (VAT excl.) instead of 100€ (VAT excl.)!

Symfony metal cup: Drink your hot or cold beverage with vintage style in our metal cup available in black or yellow. **Get it at 7,5€ (VAT excl.) instead of 10,75€ (VAT excl.)!

Enjoy this last chance to get your Symfony’s swags!

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