PhpStorm 2022.3.1 is released

The first bug-fix update for PhpStorm 2022.3 is now available.

You can update to it using the Toolbox App or right from inside the IDE. You can also download PhpStorm 2022.3.1 from the website.

Notable changes in this update:

The option to display editor tabs on multiple rows is available in the new UI [IDEA-295095].
Actions on Save work as expected again. [IDEA-307368]
Excessive CPU usage and IDE freezes that occurred for certain tool window sizes have been fixed. [IDEA-306642]
It is possible to create Docker Compose targets in Settings/Preferences | Build, Configuration, Deployment | Run targets. [IDEA-283935]
Double-clicking on the window header maximizes the window size on macOS. [IDEA-304577]
Opening a project file from an external tool no longer causes the IDE to throw the “Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only” exception. [IDEA-301392]
Fixed Vue TypeScript Service set-up false errors not suppressed in Problems > Project Errors tab [WEB-56403]
Added support for parsing of PhpStan’s conditional return types [WI-66465]
Fixed configuring standards path for phpcs (quality tool) inspection on [WI-70072]
Fixed problem when copying PHP classes between projects [WI-69928]
PHPDoc rendering: one-line PhpDoc rendered properly [WI-69504]
Read-only classes will appear in completion list [WI-69994]
Fixed freeze on Reformat Code/Code Cleanup using Quality Tools [WI-70110]

The full list of changes is available in the release notes.
And as always, please feel free to report any issues you encounter to our tracker or here in the comments.

See you in 2023! Stay safe, healthy, and productive.

Your JetBrains PhpStorm team

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