PhpStorm 2022.3.2 Preview

There’s a preview available of PhpStorm 2022.3.2, the upcoming minor release of PhpStorm. It brings a number of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Here are the most notable changes and bug fixes in this build:

PhpStorm “Add method” for multiple classes case (WI-62677)Quick Documentation doesn’t show constant values (WI-70107) Incorrect formatting inspection doesn’t work as intended (WI-70096)Broken “move class” refactoring (WI-70329) Customize config sharing between IDEs (IDEA-233535)Settings Sync: plugins shouldn’t be synced between IDEs by default (IDEA-307136)Remote Host files: toolbar icons partially hidden in the new UI (IDEA-299612)   

The full list of changes in PhpStorm 2022.3.2 is available in the release notes. You can download this preview here:

That’s all for today. Thanks for keeping up with the changes! We hope they improve your PhpStorm experience.

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