PhpStorm 2023.2 EAP #4

This build includes a bunch of usability improvements, such as abilities to pin Run configurations and sort files by modification time in the Project view.

The EAP allows you to try new features from the upcoming PhpStorm version, 2023.2. EAP builds are free to use and you can install them side by side with a stable version of PhpStorm. If something doesn’t work correctly, you can quickly switch back to the previous version without interfering with your workflow.

Pin Run configurations

To add a run configuration to the Pinned section, open the kebab menu (three dots) next to its name and select Pin. If you have multiple pinned configurations, you can easily rearrange them with drag and drop.

Sort files by modification time in the Project view 

Starting with PhpStorm 2023.2 EAP #4, it is possible to arrange your files in the Project view based on their modification time. To enable this feature, open the kebab menu (three dots) in the Project view and then select Tree Appearance | Sort by Modification Time.

Please see the release notes for the complete list of changes in the EAP #4 build.

Important! PhpStorm EAP builds are not fully tested and may be unstable.

You can install an EAP build side by side with a stable PhpStorm version to try out the latest features.

EAP builds are free to use and don’t require a license. However, they expire 30 days after the build date and then you’ll have to download a new build.

Please let us know about any problems you find by reporting them to our issue tracker or commenting on this post.

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