PhpStorm 2024.2 Early Access Program Is Now Open

Today, we’re opening the Early Access Program (EAP) for the next version of PhpStorm

This EAP build brings two notable improvements to PhpStorm.

Support for the PER coding style

PhpStorm comes with PER coding style support. To turn it on, just go to Settings | Code Style | PHP | Set from… and select PER from the choices, as you do for other coding styles:

Refactoring in a floating toolbar

Refactoring your code has become even easier! Just select the expression you want to refactor and choose the necessary actions right from the floating toolbar:

Feel free to give it a try, and remember to share your thoughts and feedback however is most convenient for you – whether that’s on Twitter (@phpstorm), in the comments section below, or by submitting a ticket directly from PhpStorm (Help | Submit a Bug Report).

The full list of the updates included in this build is available in the release notes. We’ll keep you informed about any upcoming changes in our weekly EAP blog posts.

If you’re not familiar with how our Early Access Program (EAP) operates, here’s a quick overview:

We release new EAP builds on a weekly basis, giving you a sneak peek at upcoming features.

EAP builds are completely free to use and do not require a license.

You can install the EAP version alongside your stable PhpStorm installation, so there’s no need to uninstall your current version.

The most convenient way to access EAP builds and keep both your stable and EAP versions up-to-date is by using our Toolbox App.

Alternatively, you can download EAP builds from the EAP page or set up your IDE to automatically receive updates by selecting Check IDE Updates for the Early Access Program under Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings | Updates.

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