Signed Packages for Symfony CLI

A while ago, we started to provide Symfony CLI packages for various platforms (Homebrew, APT based Linux distros like Debian/Ubuntu, YUM based distros like Fedora/CentOS/SUSE/RedHat, …) in addition to pure binaries.

Instead of doing the hard work of creating all these packages ourselves, we are relying on GoReleaser and Gemfury. Using packages instead of binaries help with auto-updating the Symfony CLI whenever a new released is pushed. In addition, they can provide more security with signed packages. Unfortunately, Gemfury does not support signed packages yet.

So, a while ago, we’ve added support for signed packages thanks to Cloudsmith.

As it works perfectly, it’s now time to deprecate the Gemfury package repositories in favor of the Cloudsmith ones.

As of today, the Gemfury packages won’t be updated anymore.

If you are using still using Gemfury, uninstall it on Linux by removing /etc/apt/sources.list.d/symfony-cli.list or /etc/yum.repos.d/symfony-cli.repo. Then, follow the installation instructions.

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