SyliusCon – the 1st ever conference dedicated to Sylius

On 27 October 2022, the first-ever conference fully dedicated to Sylius will take place.

Sylius is an e-commerce technology originally created in Lodz, Poland. Over 7,000 programmers around the world have already starred Sylius on GitHub and it is actively used as an e-commerce engine in over 2,500 online shops, including top brands such as Forbes, Dr. Oetker, Carrefour Group, and Paris Saint-Germain.

Sylius is an open-source, e-commerce framework 100% based on Symfony from the very beginning of its existence. Since pre-alpha edition in 2010 and Symfony 2 until now – Sylius 1.12 supporting Symfony 6. The solution fits best to mid- and enterprise-level businesses that wish to gain ownership of the code and freedom in further scalability. It provides a complete set of tools to design advanced web and mobile applications.

The community around the product has been growing steadily over the years to over 5,500 Slack users and 75+ partners on board. The organizers will welcome over 200 people, an among them:

Technology leaders from, among other companies, Raiffeisen NetWorld
Representatives of the largest European e-commerce agencies
World’s top Symfony programmers, incl. some Symfony & API Platform Core Team Members
Representatives of complementary technologies – PSPs, marketing automation, hosting.

This event will be a rare opportunity to meet people creating some of the largest e-commerce projects in Europe. The conference is divided in two English-speaking tracks: business, and technology. During the keynote, the creators of Sylius will share the vision for Sylius 2.0 and present the rough roadmap for the next couple of years. They will also announce the newest release – Sylius 1.12.

What can you expect from the tracks? Let’s have a quick look:


Łukasz Chruściel – Keynote – Sylius vision, roadmap, strategy
Maximilan Pesch: “Brille24 – from zero to a multichannel Sylius shop (migrated from Magento)”
Alfons Martin: “Akoro – a multi-vendor agriculture marketplace from Raiffeisen NetWorld”
Clément Candelier: “Why is Sylius great for MACH architectures – a real-life example”
Joachim Løvgaard: “Get a 95+ page speed score of your Sylius store – a case study”
Stéphane Decock & Luka Smolcic: “Sylify – the new Sylius UI powered with Bootstrap”
Stefan Koopmanschap: “PHP’s Kitchen Nightmares”


Nicolas Grekas: “How do you decide to create a Symfony component?”
Kevin Dunglas: “How can JSON-LD help you sell more?”
Tomasz Kowalczyk: “Design APIs with purpose”
Mateusz Zalewski: “Lights and shadows of BDD in Sylius (and probably other companies as well)”
Andreas Braun: “MongoDB and Sylius – why it’s more than just changing connection strings”
Konrad Alfaro: “Sylius as an Infrastructure”
Tomasz Kowalczyk: “Design APIs with purpose”

All presentations shall be recorded and distributed by organizers after the event.

After the main part of SyliusCon closes, the organizers invite all conference participants to an afterparty next to the famous Piotrkowska Street to have some good time in a less formal environment.

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