Symfony 4.4.34 released

Symfony 4.4.34 has just been released. Here is a list of the most
important changes:

bug #44188 [VarExporter] fix exporting declared but unset properties when __sleep() is implemented (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #44119 [HttpClient][Mime] Add correct IDN flags for IDNA2008 compliance (@j-bernard)
bug #44131 [Yaml] properly parse quoted strings tagged with !!str (@xabbuh)
bug #42323 [TwigBridge] do not merge label classes into expanded choice labels (@xabbuh)
bug #44121 [Serializer] fix support for lazy properties (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #44111 [Serializer] fix support for unset properties on PHP < 7.4 (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #44070 [Process] intersect with getenv() to populate default envs (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #44043 [Cache] fix dbindex Redis (@a1812)
bug #44042 Fix DateIntervalToStringTransformer::transform() doc (@BenMorel)
bug #44034 [Yaml] don’t try to replace references in quoted strings (@xabbuh)
bug #44028 [ErrorHandler] Fix FlattenException::setPrevious argument typing (@welcoMattic)
bug #44012 [DependencyInjection] fix inlining when non-shared services are involved (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #44002 [Cache] Fix Memory leak (@a1812)
bug #43981 [FrameworkBundle] fix registering late resettable services (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43988 [DoctrineBridge] add support for the JSON type (@dunglas)
bug #43987 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix Uncaught ValueError (@dunglas)
bug #43961 [HttpClient] Curl http client has to reinit curl multi handle on reset (@rmikalkenas)
bug #43922 [DependencyInjection] only allow ReflectionNamedType for ServiceSubscriberTrait (@kbond)
bug #43901 [SecurityBundle] Default access_decision_manager.strategy option with merge (@biozshock)
bug #43909 [VarExporter] escape unicode chars involved in directionality (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43867 [VarDumper] Make dumping DateInterval instances timezone-independent (@derrabus)
bug #43096 [Messenger] Use TransportMessageIdStamp in InMemoryTransport allows retrying (@alexndlm)
bug #43501 [HttpKernel] fix ErrorException in CacheWarmerAggregate (@Ahummeling)
bug #42361 [Translation] correctly handle intl domains with TargetOperation (@acran)
bug #43834 [Inflector] Fix inflector for „zombies“ (@acodispo)
bug #43267 [Config] Fix signature generation with nested attributes on PHP 8.1 (@agustingomes)

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