Symfony 4.4.38 released

Symfony 4.4.38 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 4.4.37:

bug #44570 [WebProfilerBundle] add nonces to profiler (@garak)
bug #44839 MailerInterface: failed exception contract when enabling messenger (@Giorgio Premi)
bug #45529 [DependencyInjection] Don’t reset env placeholders during compilation (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45527 [HttpClient] Fix overriding default options with null (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45531 [Serializer] Fix passing null to str_contains() (@Erwin Dirks)
bug #42458 [Validator][Tests] Fix AssertingContextualValidator not throwing on remaining expectations (@fancyweb)
bug #45496 [VarDumper] Fix dumping mysqli_driver instances (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45495 [HttpFoundation] Fix missing ReturnTypeWillChange attributes (@luxemate)
bug #45482 [Cache] Add missing log when saving namespace (@developer-av)
bug #45479 [HttpKernel] Reset services between requests performed by KernelBrowser (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #44650 [Serializer] Make document type nodes ignorable (@boenner)
bug #45469 [SecurityBundle] fix autoconfiguring Monolog’s ProcessorInterface (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45414 [FrameworkBundle] KernelTestCase resets internal state on tearDown (@core23)
bug #45460 [Intl] fix wrong offset timezone PHP 8.1 (@Lenny4)
bug #45462 [HttpKernel] Fix extracting controller name from closures (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45424 [DependencyInjection] Fix type binding (@sveneld)
bug #44259 [Security] AccountStatusException::$user should be nullable (@Cantepie)
bug #45323 [Serializer] Fix ignored callbacks in denormalization (@benjaminmal)
bug #45399 [FrameworkBundle] Fix sorting bug in sorting of tagged services by priority (@Ahummeling)
bug #45338 [Mailer] Fix string-cast of exceptions thrown by authenticator in EsmtpTransport (@wikando-ck)
bug #45339 [Cache] fix error handling when using Redis (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45281 [Cache] Fix connecting to Redis via a socket file (@alebedev80)
bug #45289 [FrameworkBundle] Fix log channel of TagAwareAdapter (@fancyweb)
bug #45306 [PropertyAccessor] Add missing TypeError catch (@b1rdex)
bug #44868 [DependencyInjection][FrameworkBundle] Fix using PHP 8.1 enum as parameters (@ogizanagi)
bug #45261 [HttpClient] Fix Content-Length header when possible (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45258 [DependencyInjection] Don’t dump polyfilled classes in preload script (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #38534 [Serializer] make XmlEncoder stateless thus reentrant (@connorhu)
bug #42253 [Form] Do not fix URL protocol for relative URLs (@bogkonstantin)
bug #45256 [DomCrawler] ignore bad charsets (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45255 [PropertyAccess] Fix handling of uninitialized property of parent class (@filiplikavcan)
bug #45204 [Validator] Fix minRatio and maxRatio when getting rounded (@alexander-schranz)
bug #45240 [Console] Revert StringInput bc break from #45088 (@bobthecow)

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