Symfony 4.4.40 released

Symfony 4.4.40 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 4.4.39:

bug #45910 [Messenger] reset connection on worker shutdown (@SanderHagen)
bug #45909 [Form][TwigBundle] reset Twig form theme resources between requests (@xabbuh)
bug #45906 [HttpClient] on redirections don’t send content related request headers (@xabbuh)
bug #45714 [Messenger] Fix cannot select FOR UPDATE from view on Oracle (@rjd22)
bug #45888 [Messenger] Add mysql indexes back and work around deadlocks using soft-delete (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45891 [HttpClient] Fix exporting objects with readonly properties (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45875 [ExpressionLanguage] Fix matches when the regexp is not valid (@fabpot)
bug #45870 [Validator] Fix File constraint invalid max size exception message (@fancyweb)
bug #45851 [Console] Fix exit status on uncaught exception with negative code (@acoulton)
bug #45838 [Serializer] Fix denormalizing union types (@T-bond)
bug #45816 [Mailer] Preserve case of headers (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45814 [HttpClient] Let curl handle Content-Length headers (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45813 [HttpClient] Move Content-Type after Content-Length (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45737 [Lock] SemaphoreStore catching exception from sem_get (@Triplkrypl)
bug #45690 [Mailer] Use recipients in sendmail transport (@HypeMC)
bug #45720 [PropertyInfo] strip only leading when unknown docType (@EmilMassey)
bug #44915 [Console] Fix compact table style to avoid outputting a leading space (@Seldaek)
bug #45676 [Process] Don’t return executable directories in PhpExecutableFinder (@fancyweb)
bug #45702 [Form] Fix the usage of the Valid constraints in array-based forms (@stof)
bug #45677 [DependencyInjection] fix ServiceSubscriberTrait bug where parent has __call() (@kbond)
bug #45678 [HttpClient] Fix reading proxy settings from dotenv when curl is used (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #45671 [FrameworkBundle] Ensure container is reset between tests (@nicolas-grekas)

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