Symfony 4.4.43 released

Symfony 4.4.43 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 4.4.42:

bug #46765 [Serializer] Fix denormalization union types with constructor (@Gwemox)
bug #46769 [HttpKernel] Fix a PHP 8.1 deprecation notice in HttpCache (@mpdude)
bug #46747 Fix global state pollution between tests run with ApplicationTester (@Seldaek)
bug #46730 [Intl] Fix the IntlDateFormatter::formatObject signature (@damienalexandre)
bug #46668 [FrameworkBundle] Lower JsonSerializableNormalizer priority (@aprat84)
bug #46678 [HttpFoundation] Update „[Session] Overwrite invalid session id“ to only validate when files session storage is used (@alexpott)
bug #45861 [Serializer] Try all possible denormalization route with union types when ALLOW_EXTRA_ATTRIBUTES=false (@T-bond)
bug #46676 [DoctrineBridge] Extend type guessing on enum fields (@Gigino Chianese)
bug #46699 [Cache] Respect $save option in all adapters (@jrjohnson)
bug #46697 [HttpKernel] Disable session tracking while collecting profiler data (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #46684 [MonologBridge] Fixed support of elasticsearch 7.+ in ElasticsearchLogstashHandler (@lyrixx)
bug #46368 [Mailer] Fix for missing sender name in case with usage of the EnvelopeListener (@bobahvas)
bug #46548 [Mime] Allow url as a path in the DataPart::fromPath (@wkania)
bug #46594 [FrameworkBundle] Fix XML cache config (@HeahDude)
bug #46595 [Console] Escape in command name & description from getDefaultName() (@ogizanagi)
bug #46565 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix dark theme selected line highlight color & reuse css vars (@ogizanagi)
bug #46535 [Mime] Check that the path is a file in the DataPart::fromPath (@wkania)
bug #46543 [Cache] do not pass null to strlen() (@xabbuh)
bug #46478 [Contracts] remove static cache from ServiceSubscriberTrait (@kbond)

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