Symfony 4.4.44 released

Symfony 4.4.44 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 4.4.43:

bug #47069 [Security] Allow redirect after login to absolute URLs (@Tim Ward)
bug #47073 [HttpKernel] Fix non-scalar check in surrogate fragment renderer (@aschempp)
bug #43329 [Serializer] Respect default context in DateTimeNormalizer::denormalize (@hultberg)
bug #47086 Workaround disabled „var_dump“ (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #40828 [BrowserKit] Merge fields and files recursively if they are multidimensional array (@januszmk)
bug #47048 [Serializer] Fix XmlEncoder encoding attribute false (@alamirault)
bug #47000 [ErrorHandler] Fix return type patching for list and class-string pseudo types (@derrabus)
bug #43998 [HttpKernel] [HttpCache] Don’t throw on 304 Not Modified (@aleho)
bug #46981 [Mime] quote address names if they contain parentheses (@xabbuh)
bug #46960 [FrameworkBundle] Fail gracefully when forms use disabled CSRF (@HeahDude)
bug #46973 [DependencyInjection] Fail gracefully when attempting to autowire composite types (@derrabus)
bug #46963 [Mime] Fix inline parts when added via attachPart() (@fabpot)
bug #46968 [PropertyInfo] Make sure nested composite types do not crash ReflectionExtractor (@derrabus)
bug #46931 Flush backend output buffer after closing. (@bradjones1)
bug #46905 [BrowserKit] fix sending request to paths containing multiple slashes (@xabbuh)
bug #42033 [HttpFoundation] Fix deleteFileAfterSend on client abortion (@nerg4l)
bug #46941 [Messenger] Fix calls to deprecated DBAL methods (@derrabus)
bug #46863 [Mime] Fix invalid DKIM signature with multiple parts (@BrokenSourceCode)
bug #46808 [HttpFoundation] Fix TypeError on null $_SESSION in NativeSessionStorage::save() (@chalasr)
bug #46790 [HttpFoundation] Prevent PHP Warning: Session ID is too long or contains illegal characters (@BrokenSourceCode)
bug #46800 Spaces in system temp folder path cause deprecation errors in php 8 (@demeritcowboy)
bug #46797 [Messenger] Ceil waiting time when multiplier is a float on retry (@WissameMekhilef)

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