Symfony 5.3.0-BETA2 released

Symfony 5.3.0-BETA2 has just been released. Here is a list of the most
important changes:

feature #41002 [FrameworkBundle][HttpKernel] Move IDE file link formats from FrameworkExtension to FileLinkFormatter (@MatTheCat)
bug #41014 [Routing] allow extending Route attribute (@robmro27)
feature #39913 [OptionsResolver] Add prototype definition support for nested options (@yceruto)
bug #41008 [Security] Do not try to rehash null-passwords (@tjveldhuizen)
bug #41013 [Console] Remove spaces between arguments GithubActionReporter (@franmomu)
bug #40920 [PasswordHasher] accept hashing passwords with nul bytes or longer than 72 bytes when using bcrypt (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #40993 [Security] [Security/Core] fix checking for bcrypt (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #40986 [Console] Negatable option are null by default (@jderusse)
bug #40923 [Yaml] expose references detected in inline notation structures (@xabbuh)
bug #40951 [FrameworkBundle] Make debug:event-dispatcher search case insensitive (@javiereguiluz)
bug #40966 [Messenger] fix manual amqp setup when autosetup disabled (@Tobion)
bug #40956 [Config] [ConfigBuilder] Set FQCN as properties type instead of class name (@MatTheCat)
bug #40964 [HttpFoundation] Fixes for PHP 8.1 deprecations (@jrmajor)
bug #40950 [Config] Remove double semicolons from autogenerated config classes (@HypeMC)
bug #40903 [Config] Builder: Remove typehints and allow for EnvConfigurator (@Nyholm)
bug #40919 [Mailer] use correct spelling when accessing the SMTP php.ini value (@xabbuh)
bug #40514 [Yaml] Allow tabs as separators between tokens (@bertramakers)
bug #40882 [Cache] phpredis: Added full TLS support for RedisCluster (@jackthomasatl)
feature #38475 [Translation] Adding Translation Providers (@welcoMattic)
bug #40877 [Config] Make sure one can build cache on Windows and then run in (Docker) Linux (@Nyholm)
bug #40878 [Config] Use plural name on array values (@Nyholm)
bug #40872 [DependencyInjection] [AliasDeprecatedPublicServicesPass] Noop when the service is private (@fancyweb)
feature #40800 [DependencyInjection] Add #[Target] to tell how a dependency is used and hint named autowiring aliases (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #40859 [Config] Support extensions without configuration in ConfigBuilder warmup (@wouterj)
bug #40852 [Notifier] Add missing entries in scheme to package map (@jschaedl)

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