Symfony 5.3.0-BETA4 released

Symfony 5.3.0-BETA4 has just been released. Here is a list of the most
important changes:

security #cve-2021-21424 [Security][Guard] Prevent user enumeration (@chalasr)
feature #41178 [FrameworkBundle] Introduce AbstractController::renderForm() instead of handleForm() (@lyrixx)
feature #41182 [DependencyInjection] allow PHP-DSL files to be env-conditional (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #41177 [DependencyInjection] fix empty instanceof-conditionals created by AttributeAutoconfigurationPass (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #41176 [DependencyInjection] fix dumping service-closure-arguments (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #41174 [Console] Fix Windows code page support (@orkan)
bug #41173 [Security] Make Login Rate Limiter also case insensitive for non-ascii user identifiers (@Seldaek)
bug #41170 [DependencyInjection] Don’t try to load YamlFileLoader if it’s not actually needed (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #41168 WDT: Only load “Sfjs” if it is not present already (@weaverryan)
feature #36864 [Messenger] Ability to distinguish retry and delay actions (@theravel)
bug #41164 [FrameworkBundle] fix debug:event-dispatcher and debug:firewall (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #41161 [HttpClient] Add DecoratorTrait to ease writing simple decorators (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #41147 [Inflector][String] wrong plural form of words ending by “pectus” (@makraz)
bug #41160 [HttpClient] Don’t prepare the request in ScopingHttpClient (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #41156 [Security] Make Login Rate Limiter case insensitive (@jderusse)
bug #41155 [Translation] Improved Translation Providers (@welcoMattic)
feature #40927 [Translation] Added Lokalise Provider (@welcoMattic)
feature #40926 [Translation] Added PoEditor Provider (@welcoMattic)
bug #41137 [Security] Reset limiters on successful login (@MatTheCat)
bug #41148 [Runtime] fix defining _SERVER[AP _ENV] (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #40758 [Security] NullToken signature (@jderusse)
bug #40763 Fix/Rewrite .gitignore regex builder (@mvorisek)

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