Symfony 5.3.0 released

Symfony 5.3.0 has just been released. Here is a list of the most
important changes:

bug #41458 [FrameworkBundle] fix ConfigBuilderCacheWarmer (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #41456 [FrameworkBundle] fix creating ContainerBuilder at warmup/CLI time (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #41452 [FrameworkBundle] Remove redundant cache service (@derrabus)
bug #41451 [Translation] Remove PoEditor Provider (@welcoMattic)
bug #41000 [Form] Use !isset for checks cause this doesn’t falsely include 0 (@Kai Dederichs)
bug #41407 [DependencyInjection] keep container.servic _subscriber tag on the decorated definition (@xabbuh)
bug #40866 [Filesystem] fix readlink() for Windows (@a1812)
bug #41402 [HttpKernel] Throw when HttpKernel is created and the env is empty (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #41376 [SecurityBundle] Don’t register deprecated listeners with authenticator manager enabled (@chalasr)
bug #41394 [Form] fix support for years outside of the 32b range on x86 arch (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #41380 Make Mailgun Header compatible with other Bridges (@jderusse)
bug #39847 [Messenger] Fix merging PrototypedArrayNode associative values (@svityashchuk)
bug #41367 [Ldap] Avoid calling the deprecated getUsername() (@derrabus)
bug #41346 [WebProfilerBundle] Wrapping exception js in Sfjs check and also loading bas _js Sfjs if needed (@weaverryan)
bug #41344 [VarDumper] Don’t pass null to pars _url() (@derrabus)

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