Symfony 5.3.10 released

Symfony 5.3.10 has just been released. Here is a list of the most
important changes:

bug #43798 [Dotenv] Duplicate $_SERVER values in $_ENV if they don’t exist (@fancyweb)
bug #43799 [PhpUnitBridge] fix symlink to bridge in docker by making its path relative (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43801 [TwigBundle] fix auto-enabling assets/expression/routing/yaml/workflow extensions (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43790 [String] Fix inflector for „zombies“ (@acodispo)
bug #43781 [Messenger] Fix TraceableMessageBus implementation so it can compute caller even when used within a callback (@Ocramius)
bug #43589 [Lock] Fix incorrect return type in PostgreSqlStore (@GromNaN)
bug #43627 [Framework][Secrets] Fix service definition when local vault is disabled (@GromNaN)
bug #43579 [DependencyInjection] Fix autowiring tagged arguments from attributes (@Okhoshi)
bug #43655 [VarDumper] Fix dumping twig templates found in exceptions (@event15)
bug #43484 [Messenger] Fix Redis Transport when username is empty (@villfa)
bug #43659 Fix logging of impersonator introduced in 5.3 (@johanwilfer)
bug #43630 [Messenger] Fix unwrapping the Postgres connection in DBAL 3 (@derrabus)
bug #43568 [Messenger] fix: TypeError in PhpSerializer::encode() (@dsech)
bug #43591 [Config] Fix files sorting in GlobResource (@lyrixx)
bug #43569 [HttpClient] fix collecting debug info on destruction of CurlResponse (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43545 [DependencyInjection] fix „url“ env var processor (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43537 [HttpClient] fix RetryableHttpClient when a response is canceled (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43533 [Uid] fix 4 missing bits of entropy in UUIDv4 (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43376 [Runtime] Fix class validation of composer „extra.runtime.class“ (@piku235)
bug #43413 [VarDumper] Fix error with uninitialized XMLReader (@villfa)
bug #43439 [Notifier] [RocketChat] Fix undefined index for message id (@OskarStark)
bug #43408 [Notifier] Fix ‚Undefined array key‘ error in FirebaseTransport (@villfa)
bug #43388 [Validator] Fixes URL validation for single-char subdomains (@DfKimera)
bug #41534 [Form] Fix ChoiceType to effectively set and use translator (@marek-binkowski-sim)
bug #43364 [Translation] Use symfony default locale when pulling translations from providers (@Yoann MOROCUTTI)
bug #43333 [HttpClient] fix missing kernel.reset tag on TraceableHttpClient services (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43302 [Cache] Commit items implicitly only when deferred keys are requested (@Sergey Belyshkin)
bug #43330 [Cache][Lock] fix SQLSRV throws for method_exists() (@GDmac)
bug #43270 [VarDumper] Fix handling of „new“ in initializers on PHP 8.1 (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43312 [Translation] [Bridge] [Lokalise] do not export empty strings (@taranovegor)
bug #43277 [DependencyInjection] fix support for „new“ in initializers on PHP 8.1 (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43243 [HttpClient] accept headers when CURLE_RECV_ERROR is received before the content (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43208 [Serializer] Attributes that extend serializers annotations are not ignored by the serialization process (@Alexander Onatskiy)
bug #43241 [PhpUnitBridge] Do not override correct triggering file for return type deprecations (@wouterj)
bug #43204 [Serializer] Fix denormalizing XML array with empty body (5.x) (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #43205 [Serializer] Fix denormalizing XML array with empty body (4.4) (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #43235 [Security] Remove annoying deprecation in UsageTrackingTokenStorage (@chalasr)

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