Symfony 5.3.7 released

Symfony 5.3.7 has just been released. Here is a list of the most
important changes:

bug #42769 [HttpClient] Don’t pass float to usleep() (@derrabus)
bug #42753 Cast ini_get to an integer to match expected type (@natewiebe13)
bug #42345 [Messenger] Remove indices in messenger table on MySQL to prevent deadlocks while removing messages when running multiple consumers (@jeroennoten)
bug #41378 [Messenger] Fix ErrorDetailsStamp denormalization (@wucdbm)
bug #42160 [Translation] Extract translatable content on twig set (@natewiebe13)
bug #42053 [Notifier] [Smsapi] fixed checking whether message is sent (@damlox)
bug #40744 allow null for framework.translator.default_path (@SimonHeimberg)
bug #39856 [DomCrawler] improve failure messages of the CrawlerSelectorTextContains constraint (@xabbuh)
bug #40545 [HttpFoundation] Fix isNotModified determination logic (@ol0lll)
bug #42368 [FrameworkBundle] Fall back to default configuration in debug:config and consistently resolve parameter values (@herndlm)
bug #41684 Fix Url Validator false positives (@sidz)
bug #42576 [Translation] Reverse fallback locales (@ro0NL)
bug #42721 Escape all special characters for parse_mode MARKDOWN_V2 (@thomas2411)
bug #42707 [Messenger] [AMQP] Do not leak any credentials when connection fails (@ruudk)
bug #42690 [Notifier] Firebase error handling (@mishaklomp)
bug #42628 [PropertyInfo] Support for the never return type (@derrabus)
bug #42685 Fix ProgressBar to correctly clear multi-line formats (@rtek)
bug #42649 [Translation] Fix message key handling for the Localise provider (@xepozz)
bug #42659 Ignoring X-Transport header while signing email with DKIM (@metaer)
bug #42585 [ExpressionLanguage] [Lexer] Remove PHP 8.0 polyfill (@nigelmann)
bug #42621 [Security] Don’t produce TypeErrors for non-string CSRF tokens (@derrabus)
bug #42596 [Security] Fix wrong cache directive when using the new PUBLIC_ACCESS attribute (@wouterj)
bug #42445 [Cache] fix wiring async cache recomputing in debug mode (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #42365 [Cache] Do not add namespace argument to NullAdapter in CachePoolPass (@olsavmic)
bug #42331 [HttpKernel] always close open stopwatch section after handling kernel.request events (@xabbuh)
bug #42381 [Console] Don’t pass null to preg_replace() (@derrabus)
bug #42347 Fix ServiceLocator indexing when service is decorated (@shyim)
bug #42380 [HttpFoundation] Don’t pass null to strpos() (@derrabus)
bug #42377 [HttpKernel] Remove preloading legacy event dispatcher (@OskarStark)
bug #42260 Fix return types for PHP 8.1 (@derrabus)
bug #42360 [DoctrineBridge] Typehint against doctrine/persistence interfaces (@malarzm)
bug #42341 [Validator] Update MIR card scheme (@ossinkine)
bug #42321 [PasswordHasher] Fix usage of PasswordHasherAdapter in PasswordHasherFactory (@peter17)

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