Symfony 5.3.8 released

Symfony 5.3.8 has just been released. Here is a list of the most
important changes:

bug #43206 [Workflow] Add missing audit-trail settings in framework workflow con… (@Stephan Wentz)
bug #42354 [Ldap][Security] Make LdapAuthenticator an EntryPoint (@dcp-dev, @chalasr)
bug #43146 [SecurityBundle] Fixed LogicException message of FirewallAwareTrait (@fkropfhamer)
bug #43158 [Cache] Fix invalidating tags on Redis <5 (@wouterj)
bug #43179 [Ldap] Fix resource type checks & docblocks on PHP 8.1 (@chalasr)
bug #43174 [Messenger] relax parameter type (@xabbuh)
bug #43137 [FrameworkBundle] Avoid secrets:decrypt-to-local command to fail (@noniagriconomie)
bug #43171 [VarDumper] fix dumping typed references from properties (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #43124 [Messenger] [Redis] Allow authentication with user and password (@GaryPEGEOT)
bug #39350 [FrameworkBundle] Remove translation data_collector BEFORE adding it to profiler (@l-vo)
bug #43115 [DependencyInjection] Fix iterator in ServiceConfigurator (@jderusse)
bug #43073 [Notifier] Update FirebaseTransport.php (@dima-gr)
bug #43031 [Form] Do not trim unassigned unicode characters (@simonberger)
bug #43058 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix displaying certain configs (@HypeMC)
bug #43022 [PhpUnitBridge] Track unsilenced deprecations only for userland (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #42979 [FrameworkBundle] fix session-related BC layer triggering deprecation (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #42672 [PropertyAccess] Fix Regression in PropertyAccessor::isWritable() (@haase-fabian)
bug #42976 [Mime] Allow array as input for RawMessage (@derrabus)
bug #42932 [Messenger] Support rediss in transport bridge (@RuslanZavacky)
bug #42771 [FrameworkBundle] Match 5.3 and 5.1 mailer configuration (@wizardz)
bug #42098 [PropertyInfo] Support for intersection types (@derrabus)
bug #42904 [Cache] Make sure PdoAdapter::prune() always returns a bool (@derrabus)
bug #42896 [HttpClient] Fix handling timeouts when responses are destructed (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #42862 [Framework] Clean “about” command help after Environment section was removed (@GromNaN)
bug #42835 [Cache] Fix implicit float to int cast (@derrabus)
bug #42831 [Mime] Update mime types (@fabpot)
bug #42830 [HttpKernel] Fix empty timeline in profiler (@nicodmf)
bug #42815 [DependencyInjection] Fix circular reference in autowired decorators (@shyim)
bug #42819 Fix tests failing with DBAL 3 (@derrabus)

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