Symfony 5.4.0-BETA1 released

Symfony 5.4.0-BETA1 has just been released. Here is a list of the most
important changes:

feature #43916 [PropertyInfo] Support the list pseudo-type (@derrabus)
feature #43850 Add completion for DebugConfig name and path arguments (@eclairia, @Adrien Jourdier)
feature #43838 feat: add completion for DebugAutowiring search argument (@eclairia, @Adrien Jourdier)
feature #38464 [Routing] Add support for aliasing routes (@Lctrs)
feature #43923 [Console] Open CompleteCommand for custom outputs (@wouterj)
feature #43663 [Messenger] Add command completion for failed messages (@scyzoryck)
feature #43857 [Framework] Add completion to debug:container (@GromNaN)
feature #43891 [Messenger] Add completion to command messenger:consume (@GromNaN)
feature #42471 Add generic types to traversable implementations (@derrabus)
feature #43898 [Security] Make the abstract Voter class implement CacheableVoterInterface (@javiereguiluz)
feature #43848 [FrameworkBundle] Add completion for workflow:dump (@StaffNowa)
feature #43837 [Finder] Add .gitignore nested negated patterns support (@julienfalque)
feature #43754 Determine attribute or annotation type for directories (@cinamo)
feature #43846 Add completion for debug:twig (@StaffNowa)
feature #43138 [FrameworkBundle][HttpKernel] Add the ability to enable the profiler using a parameter (@dunglas)
feature #40457 [PropertyInfo] Add PhpStanExtractor (@Korbeil)
feature #40262 [DoctrineBridge] Param as connection in *.event_subscriber/listener tags (@wbloszyk)
feature #43354 [Messenger] allow processing messages in batches (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #43835 [SecurityBundle] Deprecate not configuring explicitly a provider for custom_authenticators when there is more than one registered provider (@lyrixx)
feature #43598 [Console] add suggestions for debug commands: firewall, form, messenger, router (@IonBazan)
feature #41993 [Security] Prevent FormLoginAuthenticator from responding to requests that should be handled by JsonLoginAuthenticator (@abunch)
feature #43751 [WebProfilerBundle] Add a „preview“ tab in mailer profiler for HTML email (@lyrixx)
feature #43644 [FrameworkBundle] Add completion to debug:translation command (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #43653 [PasswordHasher] Add autocompletion for security commands (@noniagriconomie)
feature #43676 [FrameworkBundle] Add completion feature on translation:update command (@stephenkhoo)
feature #43672 [Translation] Add completion feature on translation pull and push commands (@welcoMattic)
feature #43060 [RateLimiter] Add support for long intervals (months and years) (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #42177 [Security][SecurityBundle] Implement ADM strategies as dedicated classes (@derrabus)
feature #43804 [DependencyInjection][FrameworkBundle][SecurityBundle][TwigBundle] Deprecate Composer 1 (@derrabus)
feature #43796 [Filesystem] Add third argument $lockFile to Filesystem::appendToFile() (@fwolfsjaeger)
feature #42414 [Notifier] Add Expo bridge (@zairigimad)
feature #43066 [Security] Cache voters that will always abstain (@jderusse)
feature #43758 [FrameworkBundle] Rename translation:update to translation:extract (@welcoMattic)
feature #41414 Support statusCode default param when loading template directly via route (@dayallnash)
feature #42238 [DependencyInjection] Add SubscribedService attribute, deprecate current ServiceSubscriberTrait usage (@kbond)
feature #38542 [FrameworkBundle][Serializer] Allow serializer default context configuration (@soyuka)
feature #43755 [Dotenv] Add $overrideExistingVars to bootEnv() and loadEnv() and dotenv_overload to SymfonyRuntime (@fancyweb)
feature #43671 add ResponseIsUnprocessable (@garak)
feature #43682 [FrameworkBundle] Add completion for config:dump-reference (@StaffNowa)
feature #43588 [Messenger] Autoconfigurable attributes (@alirezamirsepassi)
feature #43593 [Validator] Add CidrValidator to allow validation of CIDR notations (@popsorin)
feature #43683 [VarDumper] Add completion to server:dump command (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #43677 [RateLimiter] bug #42194 fix: sliding window policy to use microtime (@jlekowski)
feature #43679 [VarDumper] Add support for Fiber (@lyrixx)
feature #43680 Add suggestions for the option ‚format‘ of lints commands: twig, yaml and xliff (@makraz)
feature #43621 Add completion for cache:pool:clear and cache:pool:delete commands (@andyexeter)
feature #43639 [Uid] Allow use autocompletion (@StaffNowa)
feature #43626 [Console] [Framework] Add completion to secrets:set and fix secrets:remove (@GromNaN)
feature #43640 [Console] Add completion to messenger:setup-transports command (@Tayfun74)
feature #43615 feat: add completion for CompletionCommand „shell“ argument (@dkarlovi)
feature #43595 [Console] SymfonyStyle enhancements (@kbond)
feature #41268 [HttpFoundation] Allow setting session options via DSN (@makraz)
feature #43596 [Console] Add completion to help & list commands (@GromNaN)
feature #43576 [Messenger] subtract handling time from sleep time in worker (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #43386 [DependencyInjection] Extend TaggedIterator and TaggedLocator Attributes with able to specify defaultIndexMethod for #[TaggerIterator] and #[TaggedLocator] (@fractalzombie)
feature #42251 [Console] Bash completion integration (@wouterj)
feature #39402 [Notifier] Add push channel to notifier (@norkunas)
feature #43332 [Lock] Split PdoStore into DoctrineDbalStore (@GromNaN)
feature #43362 [Cache] Split PdoAdapter into DoctrineDbalAdapter (@GromNaN)
feature #42580 [Console][FrameworkBundle] Add DotenvDebugCommand (@chr-hertel)
feature #43411 [HttpFoundation] Deprecate passing null as $requestIp in IpUtils (@W0rma)
feature #43526 Add a warning in WDT when using symfony/symfony (@fabpot)
feature #43481 [String] Add trimSuffix() and trimPrefix() methods (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #43497 [Notifier] [Twilio] Ensure from/sender is valid via regex (@OskarStark)
feature #43492 Lower log level in case of retry (@jderusse)
feature #43479 [DependencyInjection] autowire union and intersection types (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #43134 [Notifier] Add sms77 Notifier Bridge (@matthiez)
feature #43378 [HttpFoundation] Deprecate upload_progress.* and url_rewriter.tags session options (@Matthew Covey)
feature #42582 [Security] Add authenticators info to the profiler (@chalasr)
feature #42723 [Messenger] Log when worker should stop and when SIGTERM is received (@ruudk)
feature #40168 [Validator] Added CssColor constraint (@welcoMattic)
feature #43328 [MonologBridge] Deprecate the Swiftmailer handler (@fabpot)
feature #43322 [MonologBridge] Deprecates ResetLoggersWorkerSubscriber (@lyrixx)
feature #43108 [HttpKernel] Add basic support for language negotiation (@GregoireHebert)
feature #41265 [Messenger] Add a middleware to log when transaction has been left open (@lyrixx)
feature #43280 [HttpClient] Add method to set response factory in mock client (@greeflas)
feature #42610 [Dotenv] Reimplementing symfony/flex‘ dump-env as a Symfony command (@abdielcs, @nicolas-grekas)
feature #42244 [HttpKernel] Add support for configuring log level, and status code by exception class (@lyrixx)
feature #43236 [Security] Add alias for FirewallMapInterface to (@lyrixx)
feature #43150 [Finder] Add recursive .gitignore files support (@julienfalque)
feature #41608 [Runtime] Possibility to define the env and/or debug key (@maxhelias)
feature #42257 [Messenger] Allow using user’s serializer for message do not fit the expected JSON structure (@welcoMattic)
feature #43148 [Cache] Throw ValueError in debug mode when serialization fails (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #43139 [Notifier] Mattermost Notifier option to post in an other channel (@nathanaelmartel)
feature #42335 [Messenger] Add WorkerMetadata to Worker class. (@okwinza)
feature #42712 [Serializer] Save missing arguments in MissingConstructorArgumentsException (@BafS)
feature #43004 [Serializer] Throw NotNormalizableValueException when type is not known or not in body in discriminator map (@lyrixx)
feature #43121 [Notifier] [GoogleChat] remove support for deprecated „threadKey“ parameter (@IonBazan)
feature #42338 [DomCrawler] Added Crawler::innerText() method (@Bilge)
feature #43095 [Form] Add the EnumType (@derrabus)
feature #43094 [Console] Add support of RGB functional notation (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #43098 [Validator] Add error’s uid to Count and Length constraints with „exactly“ option enabled (@VladGapanovich)
feature #42668 [Yaml] Use more concise float representation in dump (@dev97)
feature #43017 [HttpFoundation] Map multipart/form-data as form Content-Type (@keichinger)
feature #43015 [DependencyInjection] Allow injecting tagged iterator as service locator arguments (@IonBazan)
feature #42991 [FrameworkBundle] Add configureContainer(), configureRoutes() and getConfigDir() to MicroKernelTrait (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #43018 [Mailer] Adding support for TagHeader and MetadataHeader to the Sendgrid API transport (@gnito-org)
feature #42988 [ErrorHandler] Add helper script to patch type declarations (@wouterj)
feature #42982 Add Session Token to Amazon Mailer (@Jubeki)
feature #42959 [DependencyInjection] Make auto-aliases private by default (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #42957 [RateLimiter][Runtime][Translation] remove @experimental flag (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #41163 [Mesenger] Add support for reseting container services between 2 messages (@lyrixx)
feature #41858 [Translation] Translate translatable parameters (@kylekatarnls)
feature #42941 Implement Message Stream for Postmark Mailer (@driesvints)
feature #42532 [DependencyInjection] Sort services in service locator according to priority (@BoShurik)
feature #42502 [Serializer] Add support for collecting type error during denormalization (@lyrixx)
feature #40120 [Cache] Add CouchbaseCollectionAdapter compatibility with sdk 3.0.0 (@ajcerezo)
feature #42965 [Cache] Deprecate support for Doctrine Cache (@derrabus)
feature #41615 [Serializer] Add option to skip uninitialized typed properties (@vuryss)
feature #41566 [FrameworkBundle] Introduced new method for getting bundles config path (@a-menshchikov)
feature #42881 [Console] Add more context when CommandIsSuccessful fails (@yoannrenard)
feature #42900 [HttpFoundation] Add a flag to hasSession to distinguished session from factory (@jderusse)
feature #41390 [HttpKernel] Add session cookie handling in cli context (@alexander-schranz, @Nyholm)
feature #42800 Display the roles of the logged-in user in the Web Debug Toolbar (@NicoHaase)
feature #42872 [Mime] Update mime types (@fabpot)
feature #42039 [DependencyInjection] Autoconfigurable attributes on methods, properties and parameters (@ruudk)
feature #42710 [Mailer] Added OhMySMTP Bridge (@paul-oms)
feature #40987 [Config] Handle ignoreExtraKeys in config builder (@HypeMC)
feature #42426 [Notifier] Autoconfigure chatter.transport_factory (@ismail1432)
feature #42748 [Notifier] Add Esendex message ID to SentMessage object (@benr77)
feature #42526 [FrameworkBundle] Add BrowserKitAssertionsTrait::assertThatForBrowser (@koenreiniers)
feature #41527 [Ldap] Fixing the behaviour of getting LDAP Attributes (@mr-sven)
feature #42623 [ErrorHandler] Turn return-type annotations into deprecations by default + add mode to turn them into native types (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #42696 [Notifier] Mark Transport as final (@fabpot)
feature #42433 [Notifier] Add more explicit error if a SMSChannel doesn’t have a Recipient (@ismail1432)
feature #42619 [Serializer] Deprecate support for returning empty, iterable, countable, raw object when normalizing (@lyrixx)
feature #42662 [Mailer] Consume a PSR-14 event dispatcher (@derrabus)
feature #42625 [DependencyInjection] Add service_closure() to the PHP-DSL (@HypeMC)
feature #42650 [Security] make TokenInterface::getUser() nullable to tell about unauthenticated tokens (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #42632 [Console] Deprecate HelperSet::setCommand() and getCommand() (@derrabus)
feature #41994 [Validator] Add support of nested attributes (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #42595 Fix incompatibilities with upcoming security 6.0 (@wouterj)
feature #42578 [Security] Deprecate legacy remember me services (@wouterj)
feature #42516 [Security] Deprecate built-in authentication entry points (@wouterj)
feature #42387 [Form] Deprecate calling FormErrorIterator::children() if the current element is not iterable (@W0rma)
feature #39641 [Yaml] Add –exclude and negatable –parse-tags option to lint:yaml command (@christingruber)
feature #42510 [Security] Deprecate remaining anonymous checks (@wouterj)
feature #42423 [Security] Deprecate AnonymousToken, non-UserInterface users, and token credentials (@wouterj)
feature #41954 [Filesystem] Add the Path class (@theofidry)
feature #42442 [FrameworkBundle] Deprecate AbstractController::get() and has() (@fabpot)
feature #42422 Clarify goals of AbstractController (@fabpot)
feature #42420 [Security] Deprecate legacy signatures (@wouterj)
feature #41754 [SecurityBundle] Create a smooth upgrade path for security factories (@wouterj)
feature #42198 [Security] Deprecate PassportInterface (@chalasr)
feature #42332 [HttpFoundation] Add litespeed_finish_request to Response (@thomas2411)
feature #42286 [HttpFoundation] Add SessionFactoryInterface (@kbond)
feature #42392 [HttpFoundation] Mark Request::get() internal (@ro0NL)
feature #39601 [Notifier] add SentMessageEvent and FailedMessageEvent (@ismail1432)
feature #42188 [Notifier] Add FakeChat Logger transport (@noniagriconomie)
feature #41522 [Notifier] Add TurboSms Bridge (@fre5h)
feature #42337 [Validator] Remove internal from ConstraintViolationAssertion (@jordisala1991)
feature #42123 [Notifier] Add FakeSMS Logger transport (@noniagriconomie)
feature #42297 [Serializer] Add support for serializing empty array as object (@lyrixx)
feature #42326 [Security] Deprecate remaining LogoutHandlerInterface implementations (@chalasr)
feature #42219 [Mailer] Add support of ping_threshold to SesTransportFactory (@Tyraelqp)
feature #40052 [ErrorHandler] Add button to copy the path where error is thrown (@lmillucci)
feature #38495 [Asset] [DX] Option to make asset manifests strict on missing item (@GromNaN)
feature #39828 [Translation] XliffLintCommand supports Github Actions annotations (@YaFou)
feature #39826 [TwigBridge] LintCommand supports Github Actions annotations (@YaFou)
feature #39141 [Notifier] Add Amazon SNS bridge (@adrien-chinour)
feature #42240 [Serializer] Add support for preserving empty object in object property (@lyrixx)
feature #42239 [Notifier] Add Yunpian Notifier Bridge (@welcoMattic)
feature #42195 [WebProfilerBundle] Redesigned the log section (@javiereguiluz)
feature #42163 [Messenger] [Redis] Prepare turning delete_after_ack to true in 6.0 (@chalasr)
feature #42180 [Notifier] Add bridge for (@kozlice)
feature #42137 [Finder] Make Comparator immutable (@derrabus)
feature #42127 [ExpressionLanguage] Store compiler and evaluator as closures (@derrabus)
feature #42094 [Notifier] [Slack] Throw error if maximum block limit is reached for slack message options (@norkunas)
feature #42050 [Security] Deprecate TokenInterface::isAuthenticated() (@chalasr)
feature #42090 [Notifier] [Slack] Include additional errors to slack notifier error message (@norkunas)
feature #41989 [Cache] make LockRegistry use semaphores when possible (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #41965 [Security] Deprecate „always authenticate“ and „exception on no token“ (@wouterj)
feature #41962 add ability to style doubles and integers independently (@1ma)
feature #40830 [Serializer] Add support of PHP backed enumerations (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #40908 [Cache] Deprecate DoctrineProvider (@derrabus)
feature #41717 Allow TranslatableMessage object in form option ‚help‘ (@scuben)
feature #41705 [Notifier] add Mailjet SMS bridge (@jnadaud)
feature #41851 Add TesterTrait::assertCommandIsSuccessful() helper (@yoannrenard)
feature #39623 [Messenger] Added StopWorkerException (@lyrixx)
feature #41292 [Workflow] Add support for getting updated context after a transition (@lyrixx)
feature #41154 [Validator] Add support for ConstraintViolationList::createFromMessage() (@lyrixx)
feature #41874 [SecurityBundle] Hide security toolbar if no firewall matched (@wouterj)
feature #41375 [Notifier] Add MessageMedia Bridge (@vuphuong87)
feature #41923 [EventDispatcher] Deprecate configuring tags on RegisterListenersPass (@derrabus)
feature #41802 [Uid] Add NilUlid (@fancyweb)
feature #40738 [Notifier] Add options to Microsoft Teams notifier (@OskarStark)
feature #41172 [Notifier] Add Telnyx notifier bridge (@StaffNowa)
feature #41770 [HttpClient] Add default base_uri to MockHttpClient (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #41205 [TwigBridge] Add encore_entry_*_tags() to UndefinedCallableHandler, as no-op (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #41786 [FrameworkBundle] Add commented base64 version of secrets‘ keys (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #41432 [WebProfilerBundle] Improved the light/dark theme switching (@javiereguiluz)
feature #41540 [VarDumper] Add casters for Symfony UUIDs and ULIDs (@fancyweb)
feature #41530 [FrameworkBundle] Deprecate the public profiler service to private (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #41199 [FrameworkBundle] Deprecate the AdapterInterface autowiring alias, use CacheItemPoolInterface instead (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #41203 [FrameworkBundle] Add autowiring alias for HttpCacheStoreInterface (@nicolas-grekas)

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