Symfony 5.4.13 released

Symfony 5.4.13 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 5.4.12:

bug #47317 [Security] Fix login url matching when app is not run with url rewriting or from a sub folder (@sgehrig)
bug #47637 [FrameworkBundle] Fix passing serializer.default_context option to normalizers (@wuchen90)
bug #47695 [FrameworkBundle] Filter out trans paths that are covered by a parent folder path (@natewiebe13)
bug #45554 [Serializer] Fixed framework.serializer.default_context is not working for JsonEncoder (@siganushka)
bug #47547 [Ldap] Do not run ldap_set_option on failed connection (@tatankat)
bug #47578 [Security] Fix AbstractFormLoginAuthenticator return types (@AndrolGenhald)
bug #47614 [FrameworkBundle] Fix a phpdoc in mailer assertions (@HeahDude)
bug #47516 [HttpFoundation] Prevent BinaryFileResponse::prepare from adding content type if no content is sent (@naitsirch)
bug #47533 [Messenger] decode URL-encoded characters in DSN’s usernames/passwords (@xabbuh)
bug #47530 [HttpFoundation] Always return strings from accept headers (@ausi)
bug #47523 [Uid] Ensure ULIDs are monotonic even when the time goes backward (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #47528 [Form] fix UUID tranformer (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #47488 [Security] Fix valid remember-me token exposure to the second consequent request (@Ivan Kurnosov)
bug #47518 [Uid] Fix validating UUID variant bits (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #47441 [HttpClient] [HttpClientBundle] Bugfix for delayed retryableHttpClient (@martkop26)
bug #47499 [Uid][Validator] Stop to first ULID format violation (@ogizanagi)
bug #47491 [HttpKernel] Prevent exception in RequestDataCollector if request stack is empty (@aschempp)
bug #47497 [Bridge] Fix mkdir() race condition in ProxyCacheWarmer (@andrey-tech)
bug #47415 [HttpClient] Psr18Client ignore invalid HTTP headers (@nuryagdym)
bug #47394 [Console] [Completion] Make bash completion run in non interactive mode (@Seldaek)
bug #47455 [Mime] Fix TextPart broken after being serialized (@fabpot)
bug #47423 [String] CamelCase/SnakeCase on uppercase word (@mpiot)
bug #47435 [HttpKernel] lock when writting profiles (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #47417 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix profile search bar link query params (@HeahDude)
bug #47437 [Mime] Fix email rendering when having inlined parts that are not related to the content (@fabpot)
bug #47434 [HttpFoundation] move flushing outside of Response::closeOutputBuffers (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #47351 [FrameworkBundle] Do not throw when describing a factory definition (@MatTheCat)
bug #47403 [Mailer] Fix edge cases in STMP transports (@fabpot)

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