Symfony 5.4.16 released

Symfony 5.4.16 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 5.4.15:

bug #48333 [Yaml] parse unquoted digits in tag values as integers (@xabbuh)
bug #48330 [FrameworkBundle] do not wire the MercureTransportFactory if the MercureBundle is not enabled (@xabbuh)
bug #48262 [Notifier] [SMSBiuras] true/false mismatch for test_mode option (@StaffNowa)
bug #48273 [HttpKernel] Fix message for unresovable arguments of invokable controllers (@fancyweb)
bug #48251 [PropertyInfo] ignore const expressions read by phpdocumentor (@xabbuh)
bug #48224 [DependencyInjection] Process bindings in ServiceLocatorTagPass (@MatTheCat)
bug #48179 [Console] Support completion for bash functions (@Chi-teck)
bug #48217 [Console] Improve error message when shell is not detected in completion command (@GromNaN)
bug #48222 [Translation] [Lokalize] Configure replace_breaks to prevent issues with multilines translations (@Kocal)
bug #48210 [Console] Fix signal handlers called after event listeners and skip exit (@GromNaN)
bug #48198 [Messenger] Fix time-limit check exception (@alamirault)
bug #48122 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix language deprecations incorrectly marked as direct (@wouterj)
bug #47998 [Console] Fix console ProgressBar::override() after manual ProgressBar::cleanup() (@maxbeckers)
bug #48173 [HttpClient] Handle Amp HTTP client v5 incompatibility gracefully (@fancyweb)
bug #48172 [HttpKernel] Don’t try to wire Response argument with controller.service_arguments (@MatTheCat)
bug #48085 [Messenger] Tell about messenger:consume invalid limit options (@MatTheCat)
bug #48120 [Messenger] Do not throw ’no handlers‘ exception when skipping handlers due to duplicate handling (@wouterj)
bug #48112 [HttpFoundation] Compare cookie with null value as empty string in ResponseCookieValueSame (@fancyweb)
bug #48119 [FrameworkBundle][Lock] Allow to disable lock without defining a resource (@MatTheCat)
bug #48093 [DependencyInjection] don’t move locator tag for service subscriber (@RobertMe)
bug #48075 [Mailer] Stream timeout not detected fgets returns false (@Sezil)
bug #48092 Fix the notification email theme for asynchronously dispatched emails (@krisbuist)
bug #48097 Fix search scope when performing fallback mapping driver detection (@spideyfusion)
bug #48103 [HttpClient] Do not set http_version instead of setting it to null (@Tetragramat)
bug #48027 [DependencyInjection] Don’t autoconfigure tag when it’s already set with attributes (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48050 [HttpFoundation] Check IPv6 is valid before comparing it (@PhilETaylor)

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