Symfony 5.4.22 released

Symfony 5.4.22 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 5.4.21:

bug #49618 [Serializer] Preserve array keys while denormalize variadic parameters (@melya)
bug #49401 [TwigBridge] Fix raw content rendering in HTML notification emails (@1ed)
bug #49679 [FrameworkBundle] enable metadata cache when annotation is disabled (@bastnic)
bug #49796 [HttpClient] Fix not calling the on progress callback when canceling a MockResponse (@fancyweb)
bug #49833 [Translation] TranslatorBag::diff now iterates over catalogue domains instead of operation domains (@welcoMattic)
bug #49848 [Cache] Fix storing binary keys when using pgsql (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #49843 [FrameworkBundle] Add missing monolog channel tag for messenger services (@rmikalkenas)
bug #49745 [FrameworkBundle] Fix wiring session.handler when handler_id is null (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #49189 [FrameworkBundle] Improve documentation about translation:extract –sort option (@marien-probesys)
bug #49274 [VarDumper] Disable links for IntelliJ platform (@SerafimArts)
bug #49682 [FrameworkBundle] Workflow – Fix LogicException about a wrong configuration of „enabled“ node (@adpauly)
bug #49758 [HttpFoundation] Use separate caches for IpUtils checkIp4 and checkIp6 (@danielburger1337)
bug #49722 [HttpClient] Encode and decode curly brackets {} (@pbowyer)
bug #49720 [Serializer] GetSetMethodNormalizer::supportss should not check ignored methods (@nikophil)
bug #49681 [String] Correct inflection of ‚codes‘ and ’names‘ (@GwendolenLynch)
bug #49697 [Validator] Update BIC validator IBAN mappings (@maxbeckers)
bug #49706 Stop stopwatch events in case of exception (@MatTheCat)
bug #49657 [HttpKernel] Change limit argument from string to integer for Profiler (@Aliance)
bug #49674 [FrameworkBundle] Rename limiter’s strategy to policy in XSD (@MatTheCat)
bug #49673 [VarDumper] Fixed dumping of CutStub (@lyrixx)
bug #49604 [Mailer] STDOUT blocks infinitely under Windows when STDERR is filled (@TemaYud)
bug #49651 [DependencyInjection] Fix support binary values in parameters. (@vtsykun)
bug #49580 [HttpClient] Fix encoding „+“ in URLs (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #49541 [Security] Remove @internal tag on TraceableAuthenticator::getAuthenticator() (@florentdestremau)
bug #49578 [DependencyInjection] Fix dumping array of enums parameters (@fancyweb)

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