Symfony 5.4.23 released

Symfony 5.4.23 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 5.4.22:

bug #50143 [Console] trim(): Argument #1 () must be of type string, bool given (@danepowell)
bug #50066 [Dumper] Trim leading newlines when checking if value begins with a space (@bradtreloar)
bug #50111 Fix the list of supported shells for completions in a phar (@stof)
bug #50074 [Cache] Send Predis SSL options in the $hosts parameter (@magnusnordlander)
bug #50099 [Cache] Fix success interpretation when pruning cache (@staabm)
bug #50092 [Security] Fix return type of AuthenticationSuccessHandlerInterface::onAuthenticationSuccess() (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50072 [HttpClient] Fix global state preventing two CurlHttpClient instances from working together (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50017 [Validator] Fix support of Enum to ConstraintValidator::formatValue (@PhoneixS)
bug #49356 [Process] Path resolution changes for PHP in the cgi-fcgi mode (@isdn)
bug #48886 [Console] Fix computing column width containing multibyte chars (@cay89)
bug #50049 [Messenger] Fix deprecation layer of RedeliveryStamp (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #47505 [Mime] Form field values with integer keys not resolved correctly (@claudiu-cristea)
bug #50048 [PhpUnitBridge] Fix PHPUnit 10.1 compatibility (@enumag)
bug #50047 [VarDumper] Make the server TCP connection sync (@ogizanagi)
bug #48837 [Messenger] [Redis] Fixed problem where worker stops handling messages on first empty message (@jvmanji)
bug #49317 [Messenger] Fix warning message on failed messenger show command (@gstapinato)
bug #49992 [Mailer] [Mailjet] Use body MessageID instead of X-MJ-Request-GUID (@Starfox64)
bug #48972 [HttpFoundation] Fix memory limit problems in BinaryFileResponse (@glady)
bug #48108 [PropertyAccess] Readonly properties must have no PropertyWriteInfo (@CasvanDongen)
bug #49009 [Form] Cast choices value callback result to string (@Matth–)
bug #49537 [Serializer] Unexpected value should throw UnexpectedValueException (@ThomasTr)
bug #49581 Avoid leading .. for temporary files from Filesystem recursive remove (@giosh94mhz)
bug #50036 [ErrorHandler] Don’t throw deprecations for HttplugClient (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50024 [Serializer] Fix denormalization of object with typed constructor arg (not castable) and with COLLECT_DENORMALIZATION_ERRORS (@lyrixx)
bug #50004 [HttpClient] fix proxied redirects in curl client (@matthi4s)
bug #50008 [Intl] Update the ICU data to 73.1 (@jderusse)
bug #49987 [Console] Restoring the ability to output unicode text to the Win10 console (@aleksandr-shevchenko)
bug #49957 [ErrorHandler] Fix sending Vary header with SerializerErrorRenderer (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #49983 [DomCrawler] Avoid passing null to substr/strrpos methods (@VincentLanglet)
bug #49079 [DoctrineBridge] fix issue with missing stopwatch events (@dmaicher)
bug #49926 [HttpClient] Fix canceling MockResponse (@fancyweb)

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