Symfony 5.4.38 released

Symfony 5.4.38 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 5.4.37:

bug #54400 [HttpClient] stop all server processes after tests have run (@xabbuh)
bug #54425 [TwigBridge] Remove whitespaces from block form_help output (@rosier)
bug #54372 [Config] Fix YamlReferenceDumper handling of array examples (@MatTheCat)
bug #54362 [Filesystem] preserve the file modification time when mirroring directories (@xabbuh)
bug #54121 [Messenger] Catch TableNotFoundException in MySQL delete (@acbramley)
bug #54271 [DoctrineBridge] Fix deprecation warning with ORM 3 when guessing field lengths (@eltharin)
bug #54306 Throw TransformationFailedException when there is a null bytes injection (@sormes)
bug #54148 [Serializer] Fix object normalizer when properties has the same name as their accessor (@NeilPeyssard)
bug #54305 [Cache][Lock] Identify missing table in pgsql correctly and address failing integration tests (@arifszn)
bug #54292 [FrameworkBundle] Fix mailer config with XML (@lyrixx)
bug #54298 [Filesystem] Fix str_contains deprecation (@NeilPeyssard)
bug #54248 [Security] Correctly initialize the voter property (@aschempp)
bug #54201 [Lock] Check the correct SQLSTATE error code for MySQL (@edomato)
bug #54252 [Lock] compatiblity with redis cluster 7 (@bastnic)
bug #54219 [Validator] Allow BICs’ first four characters to be digits (@MatTheCat)
bug #54239 [Mailer] Fix sendmail transport not handling failure (@aboks)
bug #54207 [HttpClient] Lazily initialize CurlClientState (@arjenm)
bug #53865 [Workflow]Fix Marking when it must contains more than one tokens (@lyrixx)
bug #54187 [FrameworkBundle] Fix PHP 8.4 deprecation on ReflectionMethod (@alexandre-daubois)

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