Symfony 6.0.17 released

Symfony 6.0.17 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.0.16:

bug #48787 [PhpUnitBridge] Use verbose deprecation output for quiet types only when it reaches the threshold (@ogizanagi)
bug #48784 [Console] Correctly overwrite progressbars with different line count per step (@ncharalampidis)
bug #48801 [Form] Make ButtonType handle form_attr option (@MatTheCat)
bug #48791 [DependencyInjection] Fix deduplicating service instances in circular graphs (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48771 [CssSelector] Fix escape patterns (@fancyweb)
bug #48711 [Cache] RedisTrait::createConnection does not pass auth value from redis sentinel cluster DSN (@evgkord)
bug #48724 [VarExporter] Fix exporting classes with __unserialize() but not __serialize() (@fancyweb)
bug #48746 [Validator] Fix IBAN format for Tunisia and Mauritania (@smelesh)
bug #48738 [Workflow] Allow spaces in place names so the PUML dump doesn’t break (@Kamil Musial)
bug #48718 Compatibility with doctrine/annotations 2 (@derrabus)
bug #48651 [HttpKernel] AbstractSessionListener should not override the cache lifetime for private responses (@rodmen)
bug #48591 [DependencyInjection] Shared private services becomes public after a public service is accessed (@alexpott)
bug #48126 [Mailer] Include all transports‘ debug messages in RoundRobin transport exception (@mixdf)
bug #48635 [HttpFoundation] Use relative timestamps with MemcachedSessionHandler (@tvlooy)
bug #47979 [Cache] Fix dealing with ext-redis‘ multi/exec returning a bool (@João Nogueira)
bug #48612 [Messenger] [Amqp] Added missing rpc_timeout option (@lyrixx)
bug #48233 [Serializer] Prevent GetSetMethodNormalizer from creating invalid magic method call (@klaussilveira)
bug #48628 [HttpFoundation] Fix dumping array cookies (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48048 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix dump header not being displayed (@HypeMC)
bug #47836 [HttpClient] TraceableHttpClient: increase decorator’s priority (@adpeyre)
bug #48259 [FrameworkBundle] Allow configuring framework.exceptions with a config builder (@MatTheCat)
bug #48314 [Mime] Fix MessagePart serialization (@Amunak)
bug #48331 [Yaml] fix dumping top-level tagged values (@xabbuh)
bug #48615 Fix getting the name of closures on PHP 8.1.11+ (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48618 [ErrorHandler] [DebugClassLoader] Fix some new return types support (@fancyweb)
bug #48421 [HttpFoundation] IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses incorrectly rejected (@bonroyage)
bug #48501 [RateLimiter] Add int to Reservation::wait() (@DaRealFreak)
bug #48359 [VarDumper] Ignore Error in __debugInfo() (@fancyweb)
bug #48482 [DependencyInjection] Revert „bug #48027 Don’t autoconfigure tag when it’s already set with attributes“ (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48335 [TwigBridge] Amend MoneyType twig to include a space (@mogilvie)
bug #48046 [WebProfilerBundle] Remove redundant code from logger template (@HypeMC)
bug #48292 [Security] [LoginLink] Throw InvalidLoginLinkException on missing parameter (@MatTheCat)

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