Symfony 6.0.19 released

Symfony 6.0.19 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.0.18:

bug #49078 [Security/Http] Check tokens before loading users from providers (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #49077 [DependencyInjection] Fix named arguments when using ContainerBuilder before compilation (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #49031 [Cache] fix collecting cache stats when nesting computations (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #49046 Fix for Windows when projects are deployed on junctions/symlinks (@nerdgod)
bug #49025 [Notifier] [OvhCloud] handle invalid receiver (@seferov)
bug #48993 [VarDumper] Fix JS to expand / collapse (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48983 Fix BC user_identifier support after deprecation username (@vtsykun)
bug #48986 [Validator] Fix Email validator logic (@fabpot)
bug #48969 [PropertyInfo] Fixes constructor extractor for mixed type (@michael.kubovic)
bug #48978 [Serializer] use method_exists() instead of catching reflection exceptions (@xabbuh)
bug #48937 [SecurityBundle] Fix using same handler for multiple authenticators (@RobertMe)
bug #48971 [DependencyInjection] Fix dump order of inlined deps (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48966 [HttpClient] Let curl handle content-length headers (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48968 [VarExporter] Fix exporting enums (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48926 [DependencyInjection] Fix support for named arguments on non-autowired services (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48943 [FrameworkBundle] Fix deprecation when accessing a „container.private“ service from the test container (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48931 [DependencyInjection] Fix dumping inlined withers (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48898 [HttpClient] Move Http clients data collecting at a late level (@pforesi)
bug #48896 [DoctrineBridge] Fix detecting mapping with one line annotations (@franmomu)
bug #48916 [FrameworkBundle] restore call to addGlobalIgnoredName (@alexislefebvre)
bug #48917 [Config] Fix XML dump when node example is an array (@alexandre-daubois)
bug #48904 [Validator] Allow egulias/email-validator v4 (@chalasr)
bug #48831 [Uid] Fix validating nil and max uuid (@fancyweb)

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