Symfony 6.1.0-RC1 released

Symfony 6.1.0-RC1 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.1.0-BETA2:

feature #46335 [Form][FrameworkBundle][TwigBundle] Add Twig filter, form-type extension and improve service definitions for HtmlSanitizer (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #46114 Fixes „Incorrectly nested style tag found“ error when using multi-line header content (@Perturbatio)
bug #46325 [Ldap] Fix LDAP connection options (@buffcode)
bug #46341 Fix aliases handling in command name completion (@Seldaek)
bug #46317 [Security/Http] Ignore invalid URLs found in failure/success paths (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #46309 [Security] Fix division by zero (@tvlooy)
bug #46327 [HttpKernel] Allow ErrorHandler ^5.0 to be used in HttpKernel 4.4 (@mpdude)
bug #46310 [MonologBridge] Fix LevelName being removed in Monolog 3.0 (@Seldaek)
bug #46297 [Serializer] Fix JsonSerializableNormalizer ignores circular reference handler in $context (@BreyndotEchse)
bug #46291 [Console] Suppress unhandled error in some specific use-cases. (@rw4lll)
bug #46302 [ErrorHandler] Fix list of tentative return types (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #46293 [HttpClient] „debug“ is missing if a request failed to even start (@weaverryan)
bug #45981 [Serializer][PropertyInfo] Fix support for „false“ built-in type on PHP 8.2 (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #41676 [Console] Table vertical rendering (@yoannrenard)
bug #46277 [HttpKernel] Fix SessionListener without session in request (@edditor)
bug #46282 [DoctrineBridge] Treat firstResult === 0 like null (@derrabus)
bug #46239 [Translation] Refresh local translations on PushCommand if the provider has domains (@Florian-B)
bug #46274 [HtmlSanitizer] Fix node renderer handling of self-closing (void) elements (@omniError)
bug #46276 [DependencyInjection] Fix lazyness of AutowiringFailedException (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #46278 [Workflow] Fix deprecated syntax for interpolated strings (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #46264 [Console] Better required argument check in InputArgument (@jnoordsij)
bug #46272 [DependencyInjection] Fix resolving parameters found in #[Autowire] (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #46262 [EventDispatcher] Fix removing listeners when using first-class callable syntax (@javer)
feature #46153 [MonologBridge] Add support for Monolog 3 (@Seldaek)
bug #46199 [HttpKernel] Handle previously converted DateTime arguments (@mbabker)
bug #46216 [Form] fix populating single widget time view data with different timezones (@xabbuh)
bug #46221 [DomCrawler][VarDumper] Fix html-encoding emojis (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #46220 [Console] Fix fish completion script (@wouterj)
bug #46167 [VarExporter] Fix exporting DateTime objects on PHP 8.2 (@nicolas-grekas)

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