Symfony 6.1.1 released

Symfony 6.1.1 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.1.0:

bug #46570 [HttpClient][WebProfilerBundle] Catch errors when encoding body for c… (@Phillip Look)
bug #46583 [HttpClient] Copy as curl fixes (@HypeMC)
bug #46625 [FrameworkBundle] Disable Serializer data collect by default (@chalasr)
bug #46545 Fix getting class constraints on debug command (@loic425)
bug #46548 [Mime] Allow url as a path in the DataPart::fromPath (@wkania)
bug #46576 Fix choice filter error when loading mix of grouped and non-grouped choices (@BreyndotEchse)
bug #46594 [FrameworkBundle] Fix XML cache config (@HeahDude)
bug #46610 [Messenger] use the outermost wrapping DBAL connection (@xabbuh)
bug #46595 [Console] Escape in command name & description from getDefaultName() (@ogizanagi)
bug #46608 [Console] Fix deprecation when description is null (@HypeMC)
bug #46586 [HttpKernel] Fix BackedEnumValueResolver already resolved enum value (@janatjak)
bug #46574 [Console] Escape in command name & description from PHP (getDefault* methods) (@ogizanagi)
bug #46577 [Serializer] Fix ignore attribute in Xml files (@alamirault)
bug #46565 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix dark theme selected line highlight color & reuse css vars (@ogizanagi)
bug #46553 [WebProfilerBundle] normalizer and encoder can be undefined in template (@kor3k)
bug #46538 [FrameworkBundle][HtmlSanitizer] Fix calling allowStaticElements when setting allow_all_static_elements: true (@norkunas)
bug #46525 [Serializer] Get attributeContext after converting name (@zenas1210)
bug #46535 [Mime] Check that the path is a file in the DataPart::fromPath (@wkania)
bug #46543 [Cache] do not pass null to strlen() (@xabbuh)
bug #46523 [HttpFoundation] Revert „Send Content-Length when calling Response::send() and the content is a non-empty string“ (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #46526 [Serializer] Added missing __call to TraceableEncoder (@danielburger1337)
bug #46527 [Serializer] Forget partially collected traces (@mtarld)
bug #46515 [PropertyInfo] Fix extracting int range type (@norkunas)
bug #46511 [Serializer] Added missing __call to TraceableNormalizer and TraceableSerializer (@danielburger1337)
bug #46478 [Contracts] remove static cache from ServiceSubscriberTrait (@kbond)
bug #46480 [FrameworkBundle][TwigBundle] Fix registering html-sanitizer services (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #46475 [MonologBridge] ensure that the $response property is initialized before being read (@xabbuh)

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