Symfony 6.1.6 released

Symfony 6.1.6 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.1.5:

bug #47621 [Serializer] Allow getting discriminated type by class name (@TamasSzigeti)
bug #47833 [TwigBridge] Remove empty spaces between choices when using checkbox-inline or checkbox-switch (@simondaigre)
bug #47808 [HttpClient] Fix seeking in not-yet-initialized requests (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #47798 [DoctrineBridge] Fix auto mapping for bundles that contain only embeddables (@jorissae)
bug #47702 [Messenger] Fix default serializer not handling DateTime objects properly (@barton-webwings)
bug #47764 [Serializer] fixed traceable decoration priorities (@mtarld)
bug #47779 [Console] Fix Helper::removeDecoration hyperlink bug (@greew)
bug #47753 [Mime] sync message serializer code for forward-compatibility (@xabbuh)
bug #47763 [PropertyInfo] a readonly property must not be reported as being writable (@xabbuh)
bug #47731 [WebProfiler] Fix overflow issue in Forms panel (@zolikonta)
bug #46956 [FrameworkBundle] Allow to specify null for exception mapping configuration values (@andrew-demb)
bug #47746 [HttpFoundation] Fix BinaryFileResponse content type detection logic (@X-Coder264)
bug #47626 [Notifier] [Expo] Throw exception on error-response from expo api (@sdrewergutland)
bug #47317 [Security] Fix login url matching when app is not run with url rewriting or from a sub folder (@sgehrig)

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