Symfony 6.2.1 released

Symfony 6.2.1 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.2.0:

bug #48502 [DependencyInjection] Fix ContainerBuilder stats env usage with enum (@alamirault)
bug #48509 [HttpKernel] Fix using entities with the #[Cache()] attribute (@HypeMC)
bug #48505 [Mailer] Fix rendered templates for notifications (@fabpot)
bug #48476 [WebProfilerBundle] Use same color as other icons for the close toolbar btn (@ogizanagi)
bug #48483 [DependencyInjection] Remove refs that point to container.excluded services when allowed (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48346 [HttpKernel] In DateTimeValueResolver, convert previously defined date attribute to the expected class (@GromNaN)
bug #48450 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix form panel expanders (@MatTheCat)
bug #48459 [FrameworkBundle] [Framework] Fix Infobip Mailer transport factory import (@gnito-org)
bug #48461 [VarExporter] Fix possible memory-leak when using lazy-objects (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #48335 [TwigBridge] Amend MoneyType twig to include a space (@mogilvie)
bug #48046 [WebProfilerBundle] Remove redundant code from logger template (@HypeMC)
bug #48428 Fixed undefined variable error (@Kevin Meijer)
bug #48416 [FrameworkBundle] don’t register the MailerTestCommand symfony/console is not installed (@xabbuh)

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