Symfony 6.2 curated new features

Symfony 6.2.0 has been released. As for any other Symfony release, our backward compatibility promise applies and this means that you should be able to upgrade easily to 6.2 without changing anything in your code.

During the last couple of months, we’ve blogged about the great 6.2 new features. I highly recommend you to read these articles about Symfony 6.2 as they contain the major changes for this new version:

Revisiting Lazy-Loading Proxies in PHP: In Symfony 6.2, the VarExporter component will ship two new traits to help implement lazy-loading objects.
Built-in Cache, Security, Template and Doctrine Attributes: In Symfony 6.2, the attributes to configure cache, security, templates and Doctrine are built-in, so you no longer need to install SensioFrameworkExtraBundle.
Better Emoji Support ?: In Symfony 6.2, emojis can be transliterated into their descriptions, turned into Slack/GitHub short codes and even used as part of string slugs.
Access Token Authenticator: Symfony 6.2 includes a new access token authenticator which simplifies the handling of access or bearer tokens such as JWT.
Clock Component: Symfony 6.2 will introduce a new Clock component to improve the testability of your time-sensitive code.
Finder Improvements: In Symfony 6.2, the Finder components adds new methods to sort by file extension, size and case-insensitive name.
PSR-4 Route Loader: Symfony 6.2 includes a new PSR-4 route loader which improves the finding of route attributes defined in PHP classes.
Conditional Constraints: Symfony 6.2 introduces a new constraint to define conditional validations that are only applied when a given condition is matched.
Better PHP Translation Extractor: Symfony 6.2 includes a new AST-based translation extractor to find translatable contents in PHP files.
Notifier and Mailer Integrations: Symfony 6.2 adds integrations with Infobip, Contact Everyone (Orange Business), SMSFactor, Zendesk and Chatwork in mailer and notifier components.
Improved File Validator: In Symfony 6.2, the File constraint allows to validate both file extensions and media types (MIME types) in a much simpler way.
Better Debugging Commands: Symfony 6.2 adds new debugging commands for mailers and message queues and improves commands to debug environment variables.
Improved Enum Support: Symfony 6.2 adds PHP Enum support in service parameters, YAML files and environment variable processors.
New Uid Features: Symfony 6.2 adds support for UUID v7 and v8 formats, UID hexadecimal conversion, UID date/time value extraction and adds utilities to get the maximum UUID and ULID values.
DX Improvements: Symfony 6.2 DX improvements add a simpler way to get the current route in templates, hide sensitive information, improve PHP config builders and allow to pass form objects directly from controllers.
More Extensible Mailer: In Symfony 6.2, the Mailer component is more extensible thanks to new events, dynamic bus/transport selection and a simpler addition of email parts.
Security Improvements (Part 1): In Symfony 6.2, logging in users programmatically is easier, each firewall can use multiple user checkers, the impersonating target URL is customizable and login links can override the global link lifetime.
Security Improvements (Part 2): Symfony 6.2 simplifies programmatic user logout, adds new hashing options to password fields, eases logout CSRF protection and makes it easier to get the firewall configuration.
Console improvements: In Symfony 6.2, Console improves DX, allows resuming progress bars, improves color support, adds autocompletion for Zsh shells and allows to set the height of sections.
Profiler Redesign: Symfony 6.2 redesigns the profiler and the web debug toolbar to give them a modern look.

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