Symfony 6.2 „The Fast Track“ new translations in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese, and Dutch

Exciting news for the Symfony community! The „The Fast Track“ book, released for Symfony 6.2 last week, has just been released in
Polish (PDF),
Ukrainian (PDF),
Russian (PDF),
Japanese (PDF), and
Dutch (PDF), in addition to the already available
English (PDF) and
French (PDF) versions.

With these new translations, „The Fast Track“ book is now even more accessible to people around the world looking to learn Symfony. The book covers all the essential concepts for getting up and running with Symfony 6.2, from installation and configuration to creating robust and maintainable web applications.

We are grateful to the translators for their hard work in making these translations available, and for expanding the reach of Symfony knowledge. If you are interested in learning Symfony, be sure to check out „The Fast Track“ in your preferred language. Happy reading!

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