Symfony 6.3.0-BETA1 released

Symfony 6.3.0-BETA1 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.2:

feature #50112 [Asset] [AssetMapper] New AssetMapper component: Map assets to publicly available, versioned paths (@weaverryan)
feature #50155 [Scheduler] add schedule name to MessageContext (@kbond)
feature #49792 [Scheduler] add „hashed“ cron expression support (@kbond)
feature #50130 [Scheduler] Make MessageGenerator yield some scheduling context (@tucksaun)
feature #49863 [Scheduler] have TriggerInterface extend Stringable (@kbond)
feature #50082 [HttpKernel] Enhance MapQueryString adding validation group (@renanbr)
feature #49614 [HttpFoundation] add Request::getPayload() (@kbond)
feature #49966 [Security] Create Controller Argument Resolver for Security Token (@Koc)
feature #49911 [HttpClient] Support file uploads by nesting resource streams in body option (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #50069 [Security] Added error code to UserPassword constraint (@okorneliuk)
feature #50044 [HttpClient] Add JsonMockResponse (@fancyweb)
feature #50029 [HttpKernel] Enhance MapRequestPayload adding format and validation group (@renanbr)
feature #49801 [Cache] Support Redis cluster connections with predis/predis:^2.0 (@mfettig)
feature #49809 [HttpClient] Allow using multiple base_uri as array for retries (@Tiriel)
feature #49151 [HttpKernel] Collect data from every event dispatcher (@MatTheCat)
feature #49588 [Form] Deprecate not configuring the „widget“ option of date/time form types (@MrYamous, @nicolas-grekas)
feature #50059 [Form] Don’t render seconds for HTML5 date pickers unless „with_seconds“ is explicitly set (@fancyweb)
feature #50053 [BrowserKit][HttpClient] Update the value of some user agents to comply with the RFC 9110 specification (@javiereguiluz)
feature #50055 [Intl] Allow compressing emoji and data maps (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #49134 [HttpKernel] Add #[MapQueryParameter] to map and validate individual query parameters to controller arguments (@ruudk, @nicolas-grekas)
feature #50009 [Validator] Add value_length parameter to Length constraint (@WedgeSama)
feature #50031 [Routing] Convert BackedEnums passed as controller action parameters to their value (@nalabdou)
feature #49824 [Mime] Added getDispostion() to TextPart to get current content disposition. (@Cyb0rk)
feature #49900 [Mailer] Allow overriding default eSMTP authenticators (@cedric-anne)
feature #48568 [Serializer] Add Debug command (@loic425)
feature #49982 [BrowserKit] Add proper exception hierarchy (@fabpot)
feature #49138 [HttpKernel] Create Attributes #[MapRequestPayload] and #[MapQueryString] to map Request input to typed objects (@Koc)
feature #48272 [Security] Add OidcUserInfoTokenHandler and OidcUser (@vincentchalamon)
feature #49986 [Notifier] Add options to Telegram Bridge (@Nsbx)
feature #49913 [TwigBridge][TwigBundle] Add current locale to AppVariable (@SVillette)
feature #49950 [Serializer] Marking some Normalizer classes as final (@tucksaun)
feature #49217 [Security] deprecate the $secret argument of the PersistentRememberMeHandler constructor (@xabbuh)
feature #48343 [Form] [ChoiceType] Add a placeholder_attr option (@elementaire)
feature #49953 [Serializer] Mark ObjectNormalizer as final for 7.0 (@tucksaun)
feature #49918 [DoctrineBridge] Deprecate passing doctrine subscribers to ContainerAwareEventManager (@alli83)
feature #49944 [Serializer] Make ProblemNormalizer give details about ValidationFailedException and PartialDenormalizationException (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #49491 [Mailer] Add new attributes to Infobip API transport (@ndousson)
feature #49887 [WebProfilerBundle] Add clickable entry view to debug toolbar (@PhilETaylor)
feature #49665 [DependencyInjection] Add constructor option to #[Autoconfigure] (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #49856 [Validator] Remove bjeavons/zxcvbn-php in favor of a builtin solution (@Spomky)
feature #49798 [HttpClient] Add ServerSentEvent::getArrayData() to get the SSE’s data decoded as an array directly (@fancyweb)
feature #49853 [VarDumper] Add a caster for the FlattenException (@lyrixx)
feature #48495 [Notifier] Add SimpleTextin bridge (@gnito-org)
feature #49847 [Cache] Fix DBAL deprecations and stop using NUL chars in tags prefix (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #49852 [VarDumper] Add Caster::PATTERN_PRIVATE to help builing key (@lyrixx)
feature #49632 [DependencyInjection] Add support for casting callables into single-method interfaces (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #49836 [DependencyInjection] Add support for #[Autowire(lazy: class-string)] (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #49789 [Validator] New PasswordStrength constraint (@Spomky)
feature #49810 [Scheduler] Tweak debug:scheduler command output (@fabpot)
feature #49795 add debug:scheduler command (@kbond)
feature #49705 [FrameworkBundle] Add support to easily clear all cache pools (@bobvandevijver)
feature #49805 [Mailer] Update default Mailgun port (@dreadnip)
feature #49762 [Console] Use file system completion for redirect operators (@Chi-teck)
feature #49781 [Translation] Improve message extraction performance for big code bases (@welcoMattic)
feature #49726 [HttpFoundation] Add IpUtils::isPrivateIp (@danielburger1337)
feature #49617 [CssSelector] Add support for :scope (@franckranaivo, Franck RANAIVO-HARISOA)
feature #49702 [FrameworkBundle] Make StopWorkerOnSignalsListener configurable via messenger’s config (@rmikalkenas)
feature #49734 [Messenger] Add a way to redispatch a message (@fabpot)
feature #49721 [Security] Add argument $exceptionCode to #[IsGranted] (Maximilian Zumbansen)
feature #49739 [Scheduler] Add DateIntervalTrigger and DatePeriodTrigger (@fabpot)
feature #49685 [DependencyInjection] Add support for #[Autowire(lazy: true)] (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #49730 [Messenger] Add Clock support in Worker (@fabpot)
feature #47793 [WebLink] Add relations defined in RFC 8631 (@Oipnet)
feature #49639 [DependencyInjection] Add support for generating lazy closures (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #48525 [HttpFoundation] Add ParameterBag::getString() and deprecate accepting invalid values (@GromNaN)
feature #49729 [Scheduler] Add a simple Scheduler class for when the component is used standalone (@fabpot)
feature #49725 [Messenger] Add support for the DelayStamp in InMemoryTransport (@fabpot)
feature #47112 [Messenger] Add a scheduler component (@upyx, @fabpot)
feature #49691 [FrameworkBundle] Add scoped httplug clients and deprecate httplugs use like psr18 client (@simonberger)
feature #48542 [Webhook][RemoteEvent] Add the components (@fabpot)
feature #49620 [ErrorHander] Display exception properties in the HTML error page (@lyrixx)
feature #48128 [HttpFoundation] Add support for the 103 status code (Early Hints) and other 1XX statuses (@dunglas)
feature #48990 [DependencyInjection] deprecate the @required annotation (@alexislefebvre)
feature #49306 [Security] Add logout configuration for Clear-Site-Data header (@maxbeckers)
feature #49596 [Validator] Add the exclude option to the Cascade constraint (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #49291 [Serializer] Add methods getSupportedTypes to allow better performance (@tucksaun, @nicolas-grekas)
feature #49642 [DependencyInjection] Deprecate #[MapDecorated] in favor of #[AutowireDecorated] (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #49539 [Messenger] make StopWorkerOnSignalsListener listen by default on SIGTERM and SIGINT (@lyrixx)
feature #49628 [DependencyInjection] Add support for autowiring services as closures using attributes (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #48992 [HttpKernel] Introduce pinnable value resolvers with #[ValueResolver] and #[AsPinnedValueResolver] (@MatTheCat)
feature #49121 [DomCrawler] Give choice of used parser (@victor-prdh)
feature #49610 [DoctrineBridge] deprecate doctrine schema subscribers in favor of listeners (@alli83)
feature #48821 [Serializer] add a context to allow invalid values in BackedEnumNormalizer (@nikophil)
feature #49529 [Console] Add support for managing exit code while handling signals (@lyrixx)
feature #49015 [Security] Added condition to always return the real Authenticator from security events (@florentdestremau)
feature #48899 [Security] Add remember me option for JSON logins (@baumerdev, @nicolas-grekas)
feature #49302 [HttpClient] Add UriTemplateHttpClient (@fancyweb)
feature #49013 [Serializer] Replace the MissingConstructorArgumentsException class with MissingConstructorArgumentException (@HypeMC)
feature #49454 [Notifier] Add Pushover bridge (@mocodo)
feature #49461 [Mailer] Add MailerSend bridge (@doobas)
feature #49492 [DependencyInjection] Add support for Exclude attribute (@lyrixx)
feature #49139 [FrameworkBundle][HttpKernel] Display warmers duration on debug verbosity for cache:clear command (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #49417 [Validator] Add the option filenameMaxLength to the File constraint (Kevin Auvinet)
feature #49487 [FrameworkBundle] Allow disabling dumping of container to XML to improve performance (@ruudk)
feature #49275 [FrameworkBundle][HttpKernel] Configure ErrorHandler on boot (@HypeMC)
feature #49464 [Validator] Implement countUnit option for Length constraint (@spackmat)
feature #49300 [Validator] Add a NoSuspiciousCharacters constraint to validate a string is not suspicious (@MatTheCat)
feature #49318 [HttpKernel] Add skip_response_headers to the HttpCache options (@Toflar)
feature #49428 [Messenger] Allow to define batch size when using BatchHandlerTrait with getBatchSize() (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #49429 [Mailer] Add option to enable Sandbox via dsn option sandbox=true (@mdawart)
feature #49433 [DependencyInjection] allow extending Autowire attribute (@kbond)
feature #49412 [DependencyInjection] Allow trimming service parameters value in XML configuration files (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #49442 [TwigBundle] Add alias deprecation for Twig_Environment (@94noni)
feature #49331 [PropertyAccess] Allow escaping in PropertyPath (@alanpoulain)
feature #49411 [DependencyInjection] Add AsAlias attribute (@alanpoulain)
feature #49343 [HtmlSanitizer] Remove experimental status (@tgalopin)
feature #49261 Smsapi – Make „from“ optional (@szal1k)
feature #49327 [Notifier] Introduce FromNotificationInterface for MessageInterface implementations (@fabpot)
feature #49270 [Messenger] Allow passing a string instead of an array in TransportNamesStamp (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #49193 [Security] Return 403 instead of 500 when no firewall is defined (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #49098 [Config] Allow enum values in EnumNode (@fancyweb)
feature #49164 [Yaml] Feature #48920 Allow milliseconds and microseconds in dates (@dustinwilson)
feature #48981 [Console] Add ReStructuredText descriptor (@danepowell)
feature #48748 [VarDumper] Display invisible characters (@alamirault)
feature #48250 [Cache] Compatible with aliyun redis instance (@tourze)
feature #47066 [DependencyInjection] Allow attribute autoconfiguration on static methods (@alex-dev)
feature #49021 [SecurityBundle] Make firewalls event dispatcher traceable on debug mode (@MatTheCat)
feature #48930 [Cache] Add Redis Relay support (@ostrolucky)
feature #49102 [FrameworkBundle][Workflow] Register alias for argument for workflow services with workflow name only (@lyrixx)
feature #49064 [ExpressionLanguage] Deprecate loose comparisons when using the „in“ operator (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #48999 [Lock] create migration for lock table when DoctrineDbalStore is used (@alli83)
feature #49011 [WebProfilerBundle] Close profiler settings on escape (@norkunas)
feature #48997 [WebProfilerBundle] Mailer panel tweaks (@javiereguiluz)
feature #49012 [WebProfilerBundle] Display date/time elements in the user local timezone (@javiereguiluz)
feature #48957 [Config] Do not array_unique EnumNode values (@fancyweb)
feature #48976 [ErrorHandler] try to read SYMFONY_PATCH_TYPE_DECLARATIONS from superglobal arrays too (@xabbuh)
feature #48938 [FrameworkBundle] Allow setting private services with the test container (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #48959 [Messenger] Allow password in redis dsn when using sockets (@PhilETaylor)
feature #48940 [DomCrawler] Add argument $normalizeWhitespace to Crawler::innerText() and make it return the first non-empty text (@otsch)
feature #48762 [WebProfilerBundle] Improve accessibility of tabs and some links (@javiereguiluz)
feature #48945 [WebProfilerBundle] Use a dynamic SVG favicon in the profiler (@javiereguiluz)
feature #48901 Allow Usage of ContentId in html (@m42e)
feature #48669 [ExpressionLanguage] Add enum expression function (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #48678 [FrameworkBundle] Rename service notifier.logger_notification_listener to notifier.notification_logger_listener (@ker0x)
feature #48516 [PhpUnitBridge] Add enum_exists mock (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #48855 [Notifier] Add new Symfony Notifier for PagerDuty (@stloyd)
feature #48876 [HttpKernel] Rename HttpStatus atribute to WithHttpStatus (@fabpot)
feature #48797 [FrameworkBundle] Add extra attribute for HttpClient Configuration (@voodooism)
feature #48747 [HttpKernel] Allow using #[WithLogLevel] for setting custom log level for exceptions (@angelov)
feature #48820 [HttpFoundation] ParameterBag::getEnum() (@nikophil)
feature #48685 [DependencyInjection] Exclude referencing service (self) in TaggedIteratorArgument (@chalasr)
feature #48409 [Mailer] add reject to MessageEvent to stop sending mail (Thomas Hanke, @fabpot)
feature #47709 [HttpFoundation] Add StreamedJsonResponse for efficient JSON streaming (@alexander-schranz)
feature #48810 Drop v1 contracts packages everywhere (@derrabus)
feature #48802 [DependencyInjection] Cut compilation time (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #48707 [DependencyInjection] Target Attribute must fail if the target does not exist (@rodmen)
feature #48387 [SecurityBundle] Rename firewalls.logout.csrf_token_generator to firewalls.logout.csrf_token_manager (@MatTheCat)
feature #48671 [Validator] Add getConstraint() method to ConstraintViolationInterface (@syl20b)
feature #48665 [FrameworkBundle] Deprecate framework:exceptions XML tag (@MatTheCat)
feature #48686 [DependencyInjection] Deprecate integer keys in „service_locator“ config (@upyx)
feature #48616 [Notifier] GoogleChat CardsV1 is deprecated we must use cardsV2 instead (@daifma)
feature #48396 [Intl] Add a special locale to strip emojis easily with EmojiTransliterator (@fancyweb)
feature #48098 [HttpKernel] Resolve DateTime value using the Clock (@GromNaN)
feature #48642 [Clock] Add Clock class and now() function (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #48531 [FrameworkBundle][Messenger] Add support for namespace wildcard in Messenger routing (@brzuchal)
feature #48121 [Messenger] Do not return fallback senders when other senders were already found (@wouterj)
feature #48582 [Security] Make login redirection logic available to programmatic login (@hellomedia)
feature #48352 [HttpKernel] Allow using #[HttpStatus] for setting status code and headers for HTTP exceptions (@angelov)
feature #48710 [DependencyInjection] Add support for nesting autowiring-related attributes into #[Autowire(…)] (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #48127 [Yaml] Add flag to dump numeric key as string (@alamirault)
feature #48696 [WebProfilerBundle] Add a title and img role to svg of the web debug toolbar (Monet Emilien)
feature #48594 [SecurityBundle] Improve support for authenticators that don’t need a user provider (@wouterj)
feature #48457 [FrameworkBundle] Improve UX ConfigDebugCommand has not yaml component (@alamirault)
feature #48044 [SecurityBundle] Set request stateless when firewall is stateless (@alamirault)
feature #48200 [Security] Allow custom user identifier for X509 authenticator (@Spomky)
feature #47352 [HttpKernel] FileProfilerStorage remove expired profiles mechanism (@alamirault)
feature #48614 [Messenger] Move Transport/InMemoryTransport to Transport/InMemory/InMemoryTransport (@lyrixx)
feature #48059 [HttpFoundation] Create migration for session table when pdo handler is used (@alli83)
feature #47349 [Notifier] Allow to update Slack messages (@maxim-dovydenok-busuu)
feature #48432 [VarDumper] Add support of named arguments to dd() and dump() to display a label (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #48275 [FrameworkBundle] Allow to avoid limit definition in a RateLimiter configuration when using the no_limit policy (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #39353 [FrameworkBundle][Notifier] Allow to configure or disable the message bus to use (@jschaedl, @fabpot)
feature #48565 [Notifier] [FakeChat] Allow missing optional dependency (Benjamin Schoch)
feature #48503 [Notifier] Add options to SmsMessage (@gnito-org)
feature #48164 [Serializer] Add encoder option for saving options (@ihmels)
feature #48206 [Console] Add placeholder formatters per ProgressBar instance (@GromNaN)
feature #48232 [Validator] Add {{pattern}} to Regex constraint violations (@alamirault)
feature #48299 [Console] #47809 remove exit() call in last SignalHandler (@akuzia)
feature #48424 [DomCrawler][FrameworkBundle] Add assertSelectorCount (@curlycarla2004)
feature #48546 [Notifier] [FakeSms] Allow missing optional dependency (Benjamin Schoch)
feature #48484 [ProxyManagerBridge] Deprecate the package (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #48101 [Notifier] Add Mastodon Notifier (@qdequippe)
feature #48362 [Clock] Add ClockAwareTrait to help write time-sensitive classes (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #48478 [VarDumper] Add caster for WeakMap (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #47680 [DependencyInjection][HttpKernel] Introduce build parameters (@HeahDude)
feature #48374 [Notifier] [Telegram] Add support to answer callback queries (@alexsoft)
feature #48466 [Notifier] Add Line bridge (@kurozumi)
feature #48381 [Validator] Add Uuid::TIME_BASED_VERSIONS to match that a UUID being validated embeds a timestamp (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #48379 [HttpKernel] Set a default file link format when none is provided to FileLinkFormatter (@alexandre-daubois)
feature #48389 [Notifier] Add Bandwidth bridge (@gnito-org)
feature #48394 [Notifier] Add Plivo bridge (@gnito-org)
feature #48397 [Notifier] Add RingCentral bridge (@gnito-org)
feature #48398 [Notifier] Add Termii bridge (@gnito-org)
feature #48399 [Notifier] Add iSendPro bridge (@leblanc-simon)
feature #48084 [Notifier] Add Twitter notifier (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #48053 [Messenger] Improve DX (@Nommyde)
feature #48043 [SecurityBundle] Deprecate enabling bundle and not configuring it (@alamirault)
feature #48147 [DependencyInjection] Add env and param parameters for Autowire attribute (@alexndlm)

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