Symfony 6.3.0-BETA3 released

Symfony 6.3.0-BETA3 has just been released.
Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.3.0-BETA2:

feature #50286 [AssetMapper] Add cached asset factory (@weaverryan)
bug #50307 [AssetMapper] Improving XSD to use attributes whenever possible (@weaverryan)
bug #50305 [OptionsResolver] Fixed changelog (@yceruto)
feature #50291 [AssetMapper] Adding „excluded_patterns“ option (@weaverryan)
bug #50294 [AssetMapper] Normalizing logicalPath to a getter like all other properties (@weaverryan)
feature #48496 [Notifier] Add Smsmode bridge (@gnito-org)
feature #48494 [Notifier] Add ClickSend notifier bridge (@gnito-org)
feature #48572 [Notifier] Add SMS options to AllMySms notifier (@gnito-org)
feature #48592 [Notifier] Add SMS options to OrangeSms notifier (@gnito-org)
feature #48579 [Notifier] Add SMS options to GatewayApi notifier (@gnito-org)
feature #48586 [Notifier] Add SMS options to MessageMedia notifier (@gnito-org)
feature #48585 [Notifier] Add SMS options to MessageBird notifier (@gnito-org)
feature #48584 [Notifier] Add SMS options to ContactEveryone notifier (@gnito-org)
feature #48577 [Notifier] Add SMS options to FortySixElks notifier (@gnito-org)
feature #48575 [Notifier] Add SMS options to Esendex notifier (@gnito-org)
feature #48573 [Notifier] Add SMS options to Clickatell notifier (@gnito-org)
bug #50288 [ErrorHandler] Sync createTabs from WebProfilerBundle (@MatTheCat)
bug #50251 [Serializer] Handle datetime deserialization in U format (@tugmaks)
bug #50266 [HttpFoundation] Fix file streaming after connection aborted (@rlshukhov)
feature #50274 [HttpClient] Add option crypto_method to set the minimum TLS version and make it default to v1.2 (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50262 [DependencyInjection] Fix dumping non-shared factories with TaggedIteratorArgument (@marphi)
bug #50287 [Messenger] Store dates in UTC when using Doctrine (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50277 [Messenger] Add IS_REPEATABLE flag to AsMessageHandler attribute (@adrianguenter)
bug #50301 [FrameworkBundle] Ignore vars from dotenv files in secrets:list (@nicolas-grekas)
feature #50264 [AssetMapper] Flexible public paths + relative path imports + possibility of „building“ assets (@weaverryan)
feature #49838 [Scheduler] add RecurringMessage::getId() and prevent duplicates (@kbond)
bug #50269 Fix param type annotation (@l-vo)
feature #50270 [Scheduler] add JitterTrigger (@kbond)
bug #50230 [FrameworkBundle][Webhook] Throw when required services are missing when using the Webhook component (@Jean-Beru)
bug #50260 [DependencyInjection] Fix dumping/loading errored definitions in XML/Yaml (@nicolas-grekas)
bug #50263 [AssetMapper] Adding autoconfiguration tag for asset compilers (@weaverryan)
bug #50256 [HttpClient] Fix setting duplicate-name headers when redirecting with AmpHttpClient (@nicolas-grekas)

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